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Monday, December 24, 2012

Let's hear what the Diaper Genie Winners have to say...

Don't forget that the winners of my Diaper Genie were each given the opportunity to share their thoughts on their prize.  They have all had their Diaper Genies for around a week and are ready to share their thoughts thus far.

{Each review here will be numbered and then I will pick a winner for the $50 Babies R Us card accordingly, via random number generator.}

Sarah said...
My BFF will be very pleased to see a Diaper Genie under her "Baby Shower Tree" this month. Not only was it on her wish list but like any Mother, she was diligent about the products she wanted to use with her baby and Playtex was at the top of the list!

I am very happy to gift it to her because Playtex is a trusted name and I am personally familiar with so many of their products; diaper genie, disposable bottling system, sippy cups and soothers.

I know from personal experience that as a new Mother, you never have enough hands (the foot pedal is great!) and that there is no need to have your kids room smelling like dirty diapers. "Baby" is way better! I love that the refills are affordable and available at Baby R' Us. Convenient since I'm a regular there anyways.

Thank you very much for giving so generously with your giveaway. You have a loyal customer in me and I'm sure a new one in her.

Martina said...
Having owned the Diaper Genie 2 (non elite) previously, I was not new to this Playtex product. I was excited to receive this item as one of my frustrations with the 2 was having to open the lid with my hands while having my hands full (diaper, baby...etc) The foot pedal is an excellent upgrade from the previous model that makes diaper changing easy.
Other features that I enjoy that both come with: a real no smell garbage pail. At no point do I ever smell even the smelliest of messes. The footprint is relatively small and since its white, it pretty much blends in with an decor. Removing the full baggie full of diapers ( it looks like a sausage!) it pretty easy with a built in cutter.
Some things that I found frustrating. The amount of diapers it can hold. I definitely cannot make it through to the next garbage day. It is always overflowing. However I did figure out that if i bundled the diapers really tightly, i could fit much more in. This is easier when baby is new and the diapers are much smaller. but as they get older with bigger diapers you find that you are refilling more often.
Overall I would definitely suggest this to any new parent. Other options aren't worth the hassle and don't offer as much ease as the Diaper Genie series. For the extra few dollars I would also do the Diaper Genie Elite II as the pedal really make it nearly perfect!

Stephen said...
We are enjoying having the Playtex Diaper Genie Elite.  It is so easy to use.  It was easy to put together and the foot-pedal makes it a breeze to use when changing diapers.  The smell is essentially gone.  We definitely like having ours.

Florence said...
 I received the Diaper Genie.  I am giving it to my niece who is pregnant with her first child in a few months.  She is delighted that i won it for her.  Thank you again for running the promotion.

Karla said..
 I received this about a week ago,and have been using it ever since! I am not using it for what it is meant for,diapers..I am using it for my cats litter!! :) It works perfect,and I am really happy with it! I got the idea from seeing the new "litter genies" that are in the stores,,so I figured this would serve the same purpose,and it do! It is so much easier and convenient than my old way of changing the cat litter every day,,scooping it out,putting it in plastic bags, tying them up and throwing in the garbage,causing a not so nice smell after a very short period of time. With this,I just scoop and pour in the diaper genie,,no smell,,no plastic bags to fool around with,and that's it. I haven't changed it yet,and have been  using it for about a week, It is still only about half full,and no smell whatsoever! I love it! I never had a diaper genie when I had my son 13 years ago,but I know if I ever did have a baby now,I would definitely be buying one of these! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win one of these and try it out.

Fan said...
 I did not use Diaper Genie when I had my first baby as I was suggested that it was useless. The doubts came when I was at the store and one dad- shopper was stocking his cart with Diaper Genie refills and was thinking to take more, so he took more. With my experience I had to find bags for my usual pail and they were never there when they needed and my bathroom was stinking even when we took all diapers away. So I am so happy to have Diaper Genie right now, no smell, refills enough for weeks, just take the bag and throw it away, plus easy to use(just step on it).

Angela said...
 I have been using the Diaper Genie Elite for a few weeks now and can honestly say that it works great.. I love how sleek and modern it looks in my daughters room.
The foot pedal is a great feature when my hands are full and it does a fantastic job eliminating dirty diaper odours , instead of my bag them and throw them in the garbage method.

Thank you to all who took the time to submit their thoughts!

Winner of the $50  Gift Card:
Comment #2 Martina

1 comment:

Martina said...

Ahhh. Thank you so much! I cannot wait to receieve the gift card!!