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Monday, November 26, 2012

It's a Joy to Share with You! #KinderMom

Teaching my children to appreciate the things we have, and to always remember those who aren't as fortunate is one of my top priorities the whole year through, yet, especially important during the holiday season.  It is a season of want, want, get.  And, I know that is not how is was meant to be.  Nor, does everyone receive what they are wanting.

Remember the reason for the season

We are a Christian family and we celebrate the birth of our Saviour.   In the spirit of Christmas, we remember what this holiday is all about.  Caring for and loving others, and sharing what we have been given.     

I am so blessed to have three healthy children.  Something, I admit to take for granted at times, especially when I look into their messy bedrooms or hearing them fight over nothing.  Yet, I know there are many families who have children who are ill and hospitalized.  It is heartbreaking, yet these families are so inspirational.  This holiday season, let's not forget about those families dealing with a health crisis.

    A Joy To Share is in support of the Children's Miracle Network of Canada

Kinder Canada is giving back this holiday season, in more ways that one.  When you visit Kinder Canada on facebook be sure to watch and share the Martin Family story.  For each share Kinder will donate $1.00 to the Children's Miracle Network.  {such an easy way to give}  Then, starting November 26th at 12 noon (eastern) have your fast fingers ready to claim one of 750 coupons daily (weekdays) for ten days!  Kinder Canada is giving away coupons for their very delicious Kinder Mini Eggs, which by the way, are perfect for stuffing stockings.  

Our family will give back to our community by sharing extra food we have, my children will take it to school to place under the giving tree.  In fact, my son has already taken in a couple of canned goods.  He looked through the cupboard and packed up a couple of items on his own, without any prompting from mom.  He has also taken in Canadian Tire money, for the class to pool to make a toy purchase to donate.  These are painless ways to share, and I am so happy we can contribute.  

It's a Joy to Share with you!

Be sure not to delay as the coupons will go fast.

Remember November 26 - 30th and then again December 3 - 7th at 12 noon daily to claim your coupon.  And, to continue the spirit of giving, please share the Martin Family story.

Note: Kinder Mini Eggs are filled with a creamy hazelnut filling, so they are not nut-free.

Disclosure: I’m part of the Kinder® Mom program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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