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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Finding Balance over the Holidays with Weight Watchers Smart Ones

It always amazes me how quickly the Autumn flies by.  We are super busy with the kids and all their activities, and now with the holidays right around the corner, things tend to ramp up.  The month of December seems to race by.    During this time of the year we tend to struggle with keeping life balanced, especially how we are eating, and not letting ourselves become lost in the mad rush.     As the holidays approach, there is so much around to indulge in, and enjoy.   Though, with a little planning and determination, we can keep things on track.

Make time for yourself

A walk on a frosty winter eve is the perfect way to recharge during the craze of the holidays.   There is nothing more peaceful than the quiet and tranquility while walking through freshly fallen snow.  During your walk let your mind clear, and breath in that crisp air.  At the same time, you won't even realize you are making a little time for some exercise. 

Eat in moderation

I truly believe in portion control and everything in moderation.  I don't like to feel deprived, or that I am missing out on something.    But, if I can feel satisfied and not excluded when it comes to holiday eating and entertaining,  I am happy.   

Weight Watchers Smart Ones is a great alternative to help keep us balanced during the holidays.    Of course, we want to indulge and as life passes so quickly, we should enjoy a little.    This holiday season I am going to nibble on sweet treats or enjoy an evening out, but earlier in the day I will plan to save some calories and fat by consuming a Smart Ones entree. 

Find the magic of the season

Most importantly,  take the time to see the magic of Christmas all around.  If you have children, these are the times which memories are made and to be cherished. 

Breath, relax, and remember moderation and the holiday season will be a merry one.


Brandi Yee said...

Weight Watchers sounds great for those who are concerned over the holidays :) And you're right, the holidays is a time to enjoy with loved ones and have fun! :)

Shayna said...

I'm not a weight watchers user but I do think it is a really good program. I know that during the holidays we are often tempted with tons of goodies and it can be hard to maintain good eating habits. Holidays can also be stressful which for a lot of people is another factor in over indulging.

Christine McN said...

I've never tried Weight Watchers (I tried Jenny Craig a while back), but I've heard great things from friends who are on WW. Their results were phenomenal. Great post, by the way.

NPC said...

Portion control works. Even if you eat foods you don't think are "healthy" if you eat them in controlled portions they don't have an effect on you. I've tried these before and they are yummy!