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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Transformers for a younger generation

Transformer Rescue Bots:  Roll to the Rescue

Now available on DVD

Having a son is fun, but I often find myself at a loss as to what toys he actually likes, and what videos won't make him yawn.  He has recently taken to watching older cartoons, and finds them pretty fun to watch.  I was pretty sure that he would get a kick out of Transformers Rescue Bots:  Roll to the Rescue.

Tranformers Rescue Bots was created specifically for the younger generation of Transformers fans.  Emphasizing the importance of teamwork and heroism, this hit show brings action, adventure, heart and humor, and follows a group of Autobots assigned by Optimus Prime to serve and protect mankind.

Now available on DVD, bring home this five fun-filled episode DVD.  The suggested retail price is only $14.93 for the budget conscious family.   I love when you can find an entertaining DVD without having to break the bank.

A good indicator of a good DVD is if it keeps the child's attention.   Matthew sat quietly and watched, while being entertained.    Boys love a hero and this DVD is a classic story of a hero.  And, of course when it comes to transformers there is always more than meets the eye.

I thought it was a cute DVD which gave a good message, and was perfect for younger boys, (and girls)

 Disclaimer: I was sent a sample for my review. Opinions expressed are mine, yours may differ.

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