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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Shopping for myself

With all the excitement of getting ready to meet up with new and old friends later this week, I actually went shopping for myself!    Shopping for myself was once such an enjoyable event, and something I did all the time, why, now is it suddenly so stressful?

Maybe it's that I have three children now, who seem to be constantly be needing this or that.  Maybe it is I don't enjoy seeing the size I need to pick out.  Or, maybe it is I just simply don't like to spend any money on myself anymore.  Most likely it boils down to a combination of all three.

The first item on my list was a new handbag.  Fall is in full swing, and it was time to switch over to a darker bag, and I'm just not feeling the love anymore for my older purses from previous years.  I really have been wanting a cross-body bag, I always think they are much more comfortable to wear than a shoulder bag, and a safer way to carry your valuables.

Forever, I find myself asking people - what time is it?   So, a new watch was the next thing I went looking for.   Luckily, I saw that this adorable little store in my town was holding a tax-free event on jewelry, over the weekend.  She had some cute and funky watches, and it was easy to pick out one in my favourite colour!

Because, Autumn is the most wonderful time of year, I always like to bring the outside in.  I am drawn to Fall decor, and delicious autumn scents.  Before, I walked out the store, I was waylaid by wonderfully scented candles, that I just could not resist. 

It turns out that shopping was actually fun.  I found a few nice things without much effort, and minimal discomfort

Do you enjoy shopping, or would you just rather not?


Little Miss Kate said...

I love having the time to go out shopping for myself! It is FINIDING the time to do it that is the hard part!

Cindy Smith said...

Personally for myself I am beginning to hate shopping. Being short I have always had the problem with pants not fitting properly and then over the years finding tops that weren't too young or too old. Its rough but I do enjoy shopping for other things.

Hope you have fun this upcoming week.

mamawee said...

I have to be in the mood to shop, so online is much better for me. I find I get myself to the mall, have money to spend and don't see anything I like, or nothing fits etc

fredamans said...

I love shopping... who doesn't love retail therapy! Ironically did my She's Connected shopping last night. I'm ready and set to go!

Margarita Ibbott said...

I love shopping by myself... I also love the ice watches you choose. Very nice.

Sober Julie said...

I've always thought I didn't like shopping but now when I can get out by myself I love it. That bag is gorgeous btw

Nicole said...

I always have a hard time shopping for myself!!! This week I've been breaking out of my comfort zone and treating myself to a new wardrobe!! We deserve it and with conference weekend coming up - I want to look my best! :)

Paula Schuck said...

I haven't been shopping by myself in awhile. It is the only way to get things doen. Like the purse. Super cute.

Journeys of The Zoo said...

I hate shopping. Period.
I will suffer through food shopping because it's necessary to sustain life and I really like food.
Okay, I like to shop for caviar but that's it.

Besos, Sarah
Zookeeper at Journeys of The Zoo

NPC said...

That's such a cute purse and gotta love shopping for yourself for once! I always shop for my girlies and rarely for me.