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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Shopping at Sears is Rewarding #searsclubpoints

When I was growing up there wasn't a shopping mall to go to.  I am a child of the 1970's, who grew up in rural Ontario.  My mom bought our clothing from the catalogue.  When we needed school or church clothing my mom picked it out of the Sears Catalogue.  There was no internet of course, so when it was time to order we went into town and visited the order desk.  At the order desk, mom spoke to a lady who would hand-write her request.  Then, a week or so later we would go back and pick up our order.  It was all we knew and we loved the excitement of having an order to pick up.

Then in the early eighties a shopping mall was built in the city we lived closest to, and wonder of wonders there was a two storey Sears store.  I had no idea that Sears was a brick and mortar building, after years of Sears being magical all of a sudden it was tangible.

Fast forward all these years, and I am still loyal to those humble beginnings and shop for our family's needs at Sears.  Of course times have changed. Sears still has everything for our homes and family, and now shopping at Sears has awesome perks.

Sears Club Points
Shop at Sears retail store or on-line with a Sears Financial Mastercard or Sears Card and customers are automatically enrolled in Sears Club Points.  Meaning each time we shop, and pay with a Sears Card, or Sears Mastercard, we will receive up to 2% back in rewards!

Let's Shop
Armed with Sears Club Points it was time to shop!  A visit to that Sears I mentioned previously was in order, yet, you can also shop online and redeem your reward points there.

With winter right around the corner, I  thought shopping for all those winter essentials for my crew was a really good idea - then I became distracted.  I made a  pit stop at the shoe and accessories department to see what was new for mom, on the way down to the children's department.

My arms were soon full with hats, mitts and socks, and then I found my way back to the ladies department.   I picked out a new purse and a sweater shawl .  With Sears Club Points I can conveniently  shop the whole store and redeem my points at the cash desk.  
The store was packed full of great selections and sale prices.  The staff in the store was friendly and I was spoken to a couple of times while in browsing.  My cashier was helpful and made sure that pricing was correct and things on sale registered that way.  When it was time to pay she asked if I was paying with my Sears Card and I showed her my rewards card.  She was really excited for me to be redeeming my rewards.  After swiping my card she even put a little sticker on, writing my remaining balance, so I knew what I have to spend next time!

Shopping Made Smarter
I must admit that I've never redeemed Sears Club Points, and now I think that I've been missing out on something easy, fun and a thrifty way to buy for my family's needs.  Living on a budget with three children can get to be a little stressful and tight.    I am going to start shopping smarter and utilize this awards system.  It sure was fun picking up what ever my little heart desired in the store. 

Disclosure – I am participating in the Sears Club Points program by Mom Central Canada.  I received compensation for my participation in this campaign. The opinions on this blog are my own.


Alice Kelly said...
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Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

I'd probably do it online because it takes me FOREVER to decide on anything!

mamawee said...

I love sears points! we collect petro points, and then convert them to sears points and use them for Christmas shopping!

Monica said...

We've shopped at Sears for years and I am embarrassed to admit I have never checked to see if I have any Sears points...gee...maybe I have a big bunch of points waiting for me, wouldn't that be awesome!!

Cheryl Kirkness said...

OOh, I love shopping sprees! I was in Sears the other day and they've made a lot of fabulous changes recently.

Christine McN said...

Great post! I did the Sears Club points opp too! It was hard to decide on what to buy! Something for Little One? Something for Hubby? Something for the home? Something for me? I haven't bought anything for myself in ages!

Sny Med said...

Thanks for doing an overview of Sears! We have one very close to my home. When I visited them over the past few years I was surprised how reasonable the baby/toddler clothing was during their sales days. We actually purchased a beautiful newborn layette set which came with a hat, bib, burp cloth, onesie, pants & a little jacket--all matching! Very cute and the price was great for all 7 basics.


Tammy inRdream said...

Great post! Sears for kids clothes is amazing! THanks for sharing, I forgot I had some point to use!

Canadian Dad said...

So awesome! I actually just shopped at Sears today and received such good service, that I tweeted about it and they were very happy to hear it! I hope the guy gets a raise! :D

NPC said...

Sears is a go-to place! You have such a cute little shopping buddy!

Margarita Ibbott said...

I love her hat and mitts. She looks so out of season...LOL but that will change soon enough. Thanks for sharing your experience at sears...