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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Roto Rooter Fall Plumbing Tips

Haunted....or is it just the plumbing?

With the haunting season in full swing, many people turn their attention to Halloween parties, and haunted house tours.  What is more fun than enjoying all the spooky activities, courtesy of this particular time of year?

People are fascinated by the paranormal and flock to many of the haunted houses across North America.  Some of the most famous cities for haunting are New Orleans, Chicago, and San Fransisco....but are they really haunted?

Maybe?  Maybe not!  It may just be the plumbing.

The cities with haunted homes are some of the oldest in the United States.  While people love the allure of older, haunted homes, Roto Rooter explains that many of the ghostly noises can be simply old, loose pipes that clang and bang in the depths of the basement.

*Helpful tip from Roto Rooter - keep the pumpkin guts out of your drains and garbage disposals this Halloween.  Pumpkin pulp is ideal for clogging up drains, as it dries the pulp hardens and drains will back up.*

So, the next time you hear a bump in the night, it may simply be the plumbing!

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Janet said...

LOL! That's a relief! :)