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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Roxy loves her family

And her family loves her.  Yet there are times that we must be apart.  Roxy is adjusting to the kids being back in school, and while I like to think she is enjoying nice quiet days at home, I know that isn't true.

Roxy makes the trip down the street to see the kids off to school on the bus in the morning, and in the afternoon she is right there with me waiting on them to return.  As she sees the bus coming over the hill her tail starts to wag and she begins to whine.  By the time the bus stops for the kids to get off, Roxy is barking her little head off, welcoming her kids back home. 

Nobody likes to feel sad, and it makes us sad to see Roxy unhappy.  So, we've implemented some tips to help Roxy with her separation anxiety, and help her not be bored while waiting for the magic 3:40 PM return.

Tire her out 
Before leaving her for the day, take her for a walk (at least half an hour, depending on the breed).

Stimulate her mind
Instead of simply filling up her dog bowl, use fun interactive treat dispensing toys which will keep her occupied.  Also, playing with the toy will tire her out for an afternoon nap.

Pets get so used to our background noise, that they miss it.  Leave a radio on a classical station to help keep her calm - but keep the volume low.

Pet walkers & doggy daycare
Check credentials and ask for references, but these are both great alternatives to leaving your pet home alone.

Don't over stimulate right before leaving
Leaving the house shouldn't be a big production.  It is a natural instinct to gush when saying good bye, but it is better just to softly say see you later and then leave.  The same should be done when returning after being out.

Be patient
We love Roxy and it does hurt our hearts to leave her alone for the day.  But with a little practice and patience we both can over come that separation anxiety.

We love taking walks with Roxy, yet, it is also really important not to forget playtime.  Making time to play with Roxy at the end of the day is a great treat for both her and us.

Find our more about these tips by visiting www.iams.ca and on facebook at www.facebook.com/iams.

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Brandi Yee said...

Awww these are great tips! And very important too so dogs don't feel excluded or lonely :)

~Shannon~ said...

Roxy is lucky to have a loving family like yours. My Bella is getting used to the kids being back in school. She looks for them in the yard... they play hide and seek... and when she doesnt find them you can almost see her shoulders slouch. :( She is soooo excited when they get home! :D

Ourfamilyworld said...

I used to have a dog at my parent's. My kids are allergic and can't have a dog at Home. Roxy is really lucky to have you

SamiJoe said...

Awww Roxy sounds like she misses them so bad!! I'm sure she'll get used to all the attention soon enough though.

Paula Schuck said...

Aw. She is so sweet! I even love her name

Elizabeth FrugalMomEh said...

... and that is why I have a cat. lol Roxy is so cute!

Just Us Girls said...

Great tips!
With our little ones back in school our dog, Izzie is adjusting to a quiet house. I think for her though she's getting a small break as my five year old son has her tired out by the end of the day, lol!

Lee-Ann said...

I hate leaving Lizie home for long periods.

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