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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Listerine Smart Rinse is helping my kids with their oral hygiene

I am always so jealous when I hear of children who are cavity free.  Sadly, my children deal with cavities and fillings, and I take 100% responsibility for it.  Sometimes I am just too tired to fight the good fight and let my children get away with not brushing properly.   I know I must be more diligent with them, yet I've been known to let it slide.

I understand teeth are for life and we need to take good care of them, even before that first baby tooth makes its grand debut.  And, I am getting better at making oral hygiene a priority. 

Having the best (and right) hygiene products for kids helps a lot.

In a recent survey it was noted that nearly two thirds of Canadian children under the age of 12 have had at least one cavity.  More than half of the parents surveyed felt that their kids just don't care about their oral health.  {Hand up - I am in both of these categories}

Now Listerine has come to the rescue.  Kids (at least my kids) thrive on having their own products and are more apt to use them if they are specifically made for children.

Listerine Smart Rinse

Finally, a mouth washed designed for children ages six and up, it makes taking care of their teeth fun.  Simply swish with Listerine Smart Rinse after brushing to help prevent cavities and remove particles which brushing may of missed.  Smart Rinse will tint food particles and bacteria.

Listerine Smart Rinse fluoride rinse has the Canadian Dental Association seal of approval.

  • anti-cavity fluoride rinse
  • cleans areas that brushing may of missed
  • strengthens teeth
  • kills bad breath bacteria
  • alcohol free
  • comes in two kid-friendly flavours {Batman-Bubblegum/Disney Fairies-Berry Shield} 

Last week when my children saw the box from Listerine they dug in, excitedly.  They love having their own rinse to go along with their toothbrush.  I don't know if it is the taste or the character...and it doesn't really matter.  My children have made a huge improvement in their oral hygiene and I just hope they can keep it up.  I am looking forward to an improved report the next time they are in the dentists chair.

Disclaimer:  I was sent a sample for my review.  Opinions expressed are mine, yours may differ.

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