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Saturday, August 25, 2012

I'm nostalgic about Kellogg's

Growing up I had a best friend, just as many young girls have.  My best friend's father worked at the Kellogg's factory in London Ontario.  I remember him working shifts and their family always was well stocked with Kellogg's products.  When I think of Kellogg's, I think of my childhood days with my best friend, spending time in her bedroom and taking walks along the railroad tracks.  It is funny how one equates one thing with another, isn't it?

Kellogg's is committed to providing consumers with a wide variety of great-tasting, high-quality foods that can be part of a balanced diet.  In the past several years, Kellogg's has renovated more than 200 products worldwide to lower sodium, sugar and remove trans fats and increase fibre.

Now, I can take that nostalgic feeling and I get to share about Kellogg's goodness as a part of the Kelloggers Network.

Just in time for back to school and the Autumn season, Kellogg's has come out with some exciting, new delectable products. 

Kellogg's Krave

Chocolate lovers take note - this one is for you.
Kellogg's Krave is available in two flavours, Chocolate & Double Chocolate.  Krave is made with whole grain and is a source of fibre.

Special K Low Fat Granola

Kellogg's Special K Low Fat Granola is made from whole grain oats with a touch of sweet honey.  It is a source of fibre and protein.

Special K Crisps

Available in Chocolate & Cinnamon Brown Sugar flavours.  These are 100 calorie per two crisp serving.

I had been eying Krave cereal every time I had walked by it on the store shelves in the last few weeks, and so had my children.  If you love chocolate (like I do), you are going to want to try this cereal.  I don't eat it as a morning cereal, but rather by the hand full as a snack.  I can satisfy my chocolate craving, without even realizing I am getting fibre - and this makes me happy.

Special K Low Fat Granola is delish.  I love it on yogurt, or by the handful.  We enjoy granola in our home a lot, and this is excellent.

Yet, our favourite product is Special K Crisps.  We've taken them to the beach, and the park this summer.  These are easy to transport and mess-free.  Special K Crisps are very tasty and the perfect little snack.  My daughter has asked me to buy her a few boxes for her to take to school and keep them in her locker at school.  I loved chocolate, but only slightly more than cinnamon brown sugar flavour.  Both are very yummy.

Look for these new products on the store shelves now.  Maybe, you might find a new favourite cereal or snack.

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Disclaimer:  I am part of the Kellogger's Blogger Program and receive special perks for my participation.  Opinions expressed on my blog are mine, yours could differ.


silverneon2000 said...

The Krave cereal is delicious. We like to eat it as a snack. The chocolate is smooth tasting. The other 2 products we have to give them a try they sound good.

Janet said...

Gosh - we just get good old cornflakes here! Those flavours look delish!

Torviewtoronto said...

lovely cereal we like this

~Shannon~ said...

My youngest asks for the Krave cereal in a baggie.... as a snack. They really are good!

Elizabeth FrugalMomEh said...

I can't wait to try out the Krave cereal! (Thanks for the link to the coupons.)

Brandi Yee said...

We love Kelloggs! And we've really been enjoying the Krave cereal and Special K crisps...yum!

Paula Schuck said...

The kids are loving Krave! I like the healthy granola. Nom nom. Kelloggs is a great asset to London and area. I like driving by there and smelling the cereal being made.


ashley picco said...

I haven't tried the new cereals...but growing up corn flakes were a fav of mine