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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Summer time fun via FunSlurp.com

I am sure by now, you've heard that my hubby is a barbeque enthusiast.   He spends a lot of his time on his hobby.  He loves seeing how others barbeque and gains knowledge by learning from others.  When I came across FunSlurp and found their unique gift ideas, I saw something which I knew my hubby would think was awesome.

FunSlurp.com is a great browsing and shopping destination for those who have a sense of humour and like to have a little fun. 

FunSlurp has the most unique selection of gag gifts, cool gadgets, and party gear on the internet.

Fun Barbeque Gear

We had a laugh looking through FunSlurp's barbeque gear.  There are things like Steak Saws and Picnic Table Condiment Set.  Yet, it was the BBQ Branding Iron which just about jumped off the page at me!

The branding iron allows the chef to personalize his meat, and turn meal time into a surprising fun time.   It comes with two of every letter of the alphabet and blank spaces to make what ever saying desired.  It is easy to use, as no tools are needed, the letters just slide on to make up your choice of saying.  The FunSlurp branding iron is a sturdy item which will last throughout the season and beyond. 

Our package arrived and I knew that my hubby had put some thought into what he wanted his meat to say.

What he came up with was Smokey T, and it suits him perfectly.  We thinking using the FunSlurp branding iron is a great conversation starter in a group setting and really lightens the mood.  People wonder how he branded his meat!

Life is short - have fun!  FunSlurp understands that philosophy and has created an entire website comprising of affordable, unique and plain fun items.

Visit FunSlurp to find a plethora of items, I am sure there is something there for everyone.  

Connect and be social with FunSlurp on facebook.

Disclaimer:  I was sent a sample for my review.  Opinions expressed are mine, yours may differ.

1 comment:

Janet said...

What a novel idea! My hubby is a BBQ enthusiast too :) only we call it a "braai"(pronounce BUY with an r" A well known South African past time and if you're here as a visitor, you could become quite tired of it, as EVERYONE would want to entertain you to their version, giving you tasty bits unique to each one! A common accompniant to any braai is PAP - a stiff porridge made with mielie meal - like a flour made from ground corn. This is commonly served with a tomato and onion sauce!