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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Designer Fashion for Real Women

Just because I have curves, (and those curves aren't necessarily in all the right places, either) doesn't mean that I don't like to get dressed up and feel pretty.

Last evening was one of those times when I actually had the opportunity to get dressed up!  Last night was my daughter's graduation.

Thank you to Queen Grace Collection for sending me in style.

Affordable designer fashion for the real woman

Queen Grace is an online retail destination full of unique clothing and accessories.  

Being post three pregnancies, forty years old, not to mention a few other issues, I find my body is sometimes a stranger to me.  In my minds-eye I am still young, fit, and able to wear what ever I wish, when ever I like.  But, then I look in the mirror and remind myself that it just isn't so anymore.  Shopping for clothing is a tedious job when it becomes frustrating.

The Queen Grace Collection is made up of clothing for me, and maybe you as well.  Clothing which is fashionable, designer, and clothing which is made to fit those of us with curves.

Last night I wore The Larisa Dress. 

The Larisa is one stunning dress

My dress arrived elegantly packed, I felt like a princess opening it.

Inside, wrapped in tissue was the dress.  The Larisa dress is my version of a little black dress, or rather a deep purple in this case.  It is form fitting to give a lovely hour-glass figure, yet, super comfortable and non restricting at all.    The scoop neckline is modest, yet very feminine - which was perfect for an event like my daughter's graduation.

The dress is lined with vibrant purple, which I thought was an elegant touch.

The Larisa is a multi-season dress.  Simply by throwing on a shawl or sweater gives it a completely different look and feel.

Most importantly, I loved the way the dress looked on, and how I felt wearing it.

We had a wonderful evening celebrating my lovely daughter, and I was one proud momma.  It made me happy to have my daughter turn to me and say - nice dress mom!

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Disclaimer:  I was sent a sample for my review.  Opinions expressed are mine, yours could differ.


ashley picco said...

you look great - such a nice dress

Multi-Testing Mommy said...

I'm loving that black dress!

Christine said...

Wow! LOVE IT! You look fabulous, my friend!

Congrats, btw! Looks like your family had a great time celebrating with your daughter!

Insane Mamacita said...

What a gorgeous dress! I love that it isn't black. You look awesome in it!

Fab Frugal Mama said...

What a fab dress! I agree, the dark purple colour is wonderful... and you looked lovely in it!

Just Us Girls said...

Love that dress, you look beautiful! I`m seeing more and more plus size boutiques for us ladies and I`m loving the fact that they`re all stylish clothes that are up to date, lol.

Katrina said...

Always fantastic having the classic simple cut dress to wear. You can change it up with just a few accessories. Beautiful!