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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Finding peace in a guilty verdict

Late last night, Ontarians heard the guilty verdict in the Tori Stafford case.

Back on April 13, 2009 I wrote a post asking people to keep an eye out for Tori, who was missing.  What we learned in the months afterward, leading up to last night's verdict are truly horrific.

As I watched the news coverage last night the tears streamed down my face.  I am sure, I am not alone in saying that I feel close to little Tori and so sad and angry with those two {now convicted child-killers} for what they did to her.  Yet, not just her, what they have done to all the children of Ontario.  Innocence is lost.  Reality is now that each and every day I have to remind my children that evil is lurking.

Bad people want to hurt our children.

For me, I will never forget the face of Tori Stafford.    I will forever see her little smile and bright eyes.  My thoughts and prayers will always be with her family, her siblings and the Woodstock community.  I have great respect for her father and how he remained so dignified throughout the last three years.  I know I would not be able to be as composed and logical throughout an ordeal like he has endured. 

It gives me a little peace to know that Tori had a daddy who loved her so.  Her daddy has been her champion and will continue to be. 

Can we find peace in a guilty verdict?  Tori is not coming home.  The guilty verdict doesn't change what they did to her.  But, at least a guilty verdict of 25 years in prison might deter someone else from considering doing the same crime against one of our children. It's the best we can get in Canada, according to our laws.  If it deters at least one person from plotting a crime against children.....that offers a little peace.


Lee-Ann said...

RIP Sweet Tori. Such an awful thing. I hope this brings some peace to Tori's family while they continue to grieve.

Soozle said...

I wish the brutality that was inflicted upon Tori never happened, and that the guilty verdict will not bring her back.. but it is a relief to know such sick individuals are not going to be able to hurt another child.

I know this may be horrible to say - but it is people like Rafferty that make me wish Canada had the death penelty..

RIP Tori.