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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Here comes the sun!

Just last week, I was reading an article about the tragedy of skin cancer for one young woman and her eventual death.   Her story was particularly sad as her cancer was not caught when she first noticed an unusual looking mole.  This young lady suffered with skin cancer and the effects treatment took on her body.  She died in her early twenties, leaving behind her parents, siblings, fiance - a life lost too soon.  In the article she admitted to being a sun worshiper and tanning endlessly without using sun protection.

The reality is sun feels good on our skin, it is good for our mind and spirit.  Yet, we need to be diligent in remembering the power of the sun and the dire consequences it can have if we aren't careful.

Banana Boat wants Canadians to be sun smart and use the correct sun protection

It was fairly shocking for me to read that Canadians still aren't getting the message and know all the facts about sun awareness.

The standard among Canadian dermatologisst is to recommend that people apply one ounce of sunscreen (the size of a golf ball) every two hours while outdoors, and even more often if they've been swimming or sweating.  The fact is that less than 1 in 10 Canadians are following these standards!

Banana Boat has been my choice of sun protection for several years, really I think since my first daughter was born.  This spring Banana Boat has gotten us ready to face the summer sun by sending over Kids 100 SPF and Sport 100 SPF.  

Banana Boat Kids SPF 100 Sunscreen
  • Available in lotion or clear spray
  • Photostable ~ provides both UVA & UVB protection that won't break down in the sun  

Banana Boat Sport Performance SPF 100 Sunscreen
  • Water proof and Sweat proof
  • Designed for those with an active outdoor lifestyle
  • PABA free
  • Photostable ~ provides both UVA & UVB protection that won't break down in the sun  

Banana Boat is always non-greasy and easy to apply.  Banana Boat has a wide range of products for both children and adults, and it is the number one kids tear-free sunscreen in Canada.  I know that we are protected when we are all wearing Banana Boat sunscreen.

Apply sunscreen at least 15 minutes before going outdoors and re-apply every two hours
For more sun protection tips call 1 -888 - SUN - TIPS
 Find Banana Boat across the country at all major retailers

It is so important to get the facts straight and be sun smart.   Banana Boat has us covered by offering the sun protection needed for the whole family.

Now, bring on the sun!

Disclaimer:  I was sent a sample for my review.  Opinions expressed are mine, yours may differ.



Multi-Testing Mommy said...

I loved the smell of that sunscreen growing up! There is a GREAT sun awareness website you should check out! I wrote about it here:


Lisa Marie Fletcher said...

A golf ball sized amount every 2 hours?! That's crazy! I'm a burner, so I've always used sunscreen - but probably not that much. My oldest son has been allergic to sunscreen, only recently has he started being able to use any without breaking out into a terrible nasty rash!
I also am happy that when I went to my last physical with my dr she checked out my moles and even sent me to a dermatologist when she had concerns about 1. (It turned out to be fine, but gave me a chance to learn about what they look for in moles!)
Thanks for sharing!

Deanna T. said...

I think people forget to consider sun screen when it's not boiling hot out. I was just giving my mom heck for this. She's been working outside a lot the past few weeks and her face and neck were pink. She hadn't even noticed, and of course hadn't even thought about sun protection.

Just Us Girls said...

Oh I'm overly protective when it comes to the kiddies and the sun and we love Banana Boat in our household. I didn't know there was a number we could contact for tips, that's pretty awesome. Thanks for posting.

mamawee said...

I am bad for this. If we are specifically going out to play/walk etc then I slather them/me up. But if we are headed out to a store and then come home and start playing - I forget. I should leave a bottle in the garage so that it is handy and can act as a reminder

Sober Julie said...

Sunscreen is super important, we have a pool and reapply all day long

Leslie said...

I always forget sunscreen but I have to bee more diligent about it for sure!