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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Celebrating life's milestones with Tiny Prints

Graduation season is upon us.

I have two girls who are taking the next step in life.  No matter the next step, be it graduation from university, high school, or grade school, all are equally important on this journey called life.  Each and every graduation should be celebrated.

I mentioned that we have two reasons to celebrate.  My daughter, Jillian is graduating from kindergarten and entering the world of full-time schooling.  My daughter, Emily is graduating grade school and moving into exciting high school life.

Tiny Prints is here to help us celebrate, and announce our big life moments with pride.

Browsing Tiny Prints, there are exactly 370 Graduation Announcements to choose from.  Talk about selection!  I am no stranger to Tiny Prints, so I can share with certain that the quality you receive from them is absolutely the best.  Tiny Prints cards are not only great quality, but very affordable as well.

While, I am very proud of both my girls and their accomplishments, the big deal this time is Emily and her grade eight graduation.  Emily is going to a different high school than the rest of her class, so not just starting high school, but an entirely new chapter of her life.  Emily has worked hard throughout her school years to consistently achieve great grades and accolades, that I want to commemorate her graduation.

A couple of the cute cards I am considering....

I love Tiny Prints for finding unique cards which I can have tailor made to my requirements.  I am going to be so proud to send out my graduation cards to friends and family!

I am quickly becoming aware that graduation from grade eight is a big event.  We've purchased the dress.  Emily has found the perfect pair of shoes online which I'll buy next week.  We have a hair appointment booked for the afternoon of the ceremony.  And, now I've found the perfect graduation announcement.

Tiny Prints has a deal you may want to check out.
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Disclaimer:  I was sent a sample for my review.  Opinions expressed are mine, yours may differ.


AnnMarie Brown said...

the cards are very cute! :)

mamawee said...

how exciting for you kids!

Tammy said...

WOW Beautiful cards! Thanks for introducing me to Tiny Prints! @inRdream

Stacey said...

These cards are gorgeous. My son is graduating from grade 8 this year as well; although there is no dress and hair appointment, it's equally as important. ;)

Nicole said...

Wow - the cards look amazing!!