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Monday, March 5, 2012

Move House AND Keep Your Sanity

Upending your life to relocate is already a stressful time without the added confusion that moving boxes and furniture can bring. If you’re prone to pulling your hair out over broken dishes and missing boxes, starting early can make a huge difference and help you maintain your sanity. Take control of the situation with these solid moving tips.

Prepare ahead of time

If there is one single tip that makes moving easier, it is this one. Your moving process actually begins the day you decide to get a new house, so make sure that you can have a positive experience from start to end. Before looking at listings, research mortgage rates in Canada with ratesupermarket.ca, and forge a good relationship with your lender so that you can have all of your questions answered. Closer to moving day, start prepping items by pre-packing and organizing instead of throwing everything into boxes at the last minute. And make sure to contact your utilities company and other services that you subscribe to in order to get your them switched to your new address.

Enlist help

Whether you call up a force of family and friends or pay a company to send movers to your house, getting help is essential. One of the primary reasons that moving has so much potential to be a stressful experience is because many migrating families take on more than they can handle. Multiplying the number of hands you have on deck will ensure that you can delegate responsibilities and supervise to make the big day go more efficiently.

Use packing time to sort through old belongings

If you have to haul all of your furniture, clothing, exercise equipment, children’s toys, and other items from one home to another, make it easier on yourself by getting rid of what you don’t want or don’t need anymore. If you’re paying professionals to help you move, you’ll likely save money using this strategy because many moving companies base their fees on how much weight they have to move. And if you’re doing it yourself, you’ll at least save strain on your back and your patience.

Prioritize your boxes

Labelling each box by which room it should go into when you arrive is a good start to having an organized homecoming. However, in addition to organizing items by room, you should also assign priority to which boxes should be opened first. You’ll definitely want to know where toilet paper and towels are before you unpack your designer shoes, for example.

Stay on top of information concerning your move

If you’re in the negotiating stages of your mortgage, use online resources to your advantage, such as information on mortgage rates with ratesupermarket.ca. And if you’ve already signed the contract and called the movers, keep a notebook with information about each box that you’re packing. One smart tip that will save you time and hassle is to label each box with a number instead of a room name. Keep a notepad with a numbered list, and write a summary of what’s in each box next to its number. Proactive habits like these can mean the difference between organized chaos and absolute moving mayhem.

Disclaimer:  Guest post.


Christine said...

Fabulous moving tips!!! Where were you when I had to move house a few years ago!?!?! lol

Hopefully I never have to move again though! LOL! I'm going to share your link with a few friends of mine who are moving though!

Did you know Canada said...

Great tips or a stressful time!

Sober Julie said...

Great tips, moving can be fun...but I hope not to do it anytime soon

Katrina said...

Had to do this a year ago and it sure can be stressful! Starting early is a great idea. Good tips thanks for posting

Jennifer L said...

Thanks for sharing the great tips. We will be moving soon and it can really be stressful just thinking about it.

Canadian Dad said...

Very cool list, Thanks! My wife and I have moved 5 times in 10 years so I'm hoping we've found our little piece of paradise for the next little (long) while...