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Friday, March 30, 2012

The Children's Place dresses kids in style

Walking through the doors of The Children's Place, is consistently a pleasant experience.  The stores are always well stocked, well maintained, and staff is always friendly and professional.  My recent shop was no different.  Sheri @Kidsumers and I took a little trip to check out what was new for spring (and summer) and we arrived to find loads of great sales, and deals on spring clothing in all size departments.

We were in the store about a week before Easter and found clothing for all ages of children - on sale, and there was still lots to choose from.  I found myself looking through the girls dresses, and shoes how can you resist?


Today, though, I was shopping for new spring clothes for my son and daughter, (and maybe a couple of little items to put into their Easter baskets).

I always find it easy to find great options for girls at The Children's Place.  Today, I found yoga pants and long sleeve shirts in great hues of purples, pinks and blues - perfect for the transition weather we experience in Ontario during this time of year.  It still provides warmth and coverage, yet, the colours are fresh for spring.  These pieces were marked down, and had an additional 50% off on top of that.

I also picked up a couple of t-shirts and an adorable pair of roll-up capris for when it gets a little warmer.  Browsing around I saw lots of shorts and tanks, and sandals - I can't wait for summer temperatures to return and we can shop for summer time clothing!

Then, to be fair to my son, I wandered over to the boys section.  The Children's Place always has a good selection for boys, and my son always likes what I bring home for him when I shop at TCP.  (That is a bonus, for sure.)

I promised my son a pair of new jeans, so that was the first thing I looked for.  TCP had several different styles and shades of denim to choose from.  I ended up picking out a pair of carpenter jeans.  He needs the length of a size 10, but his waist is still fairly small, I love that TCP jeans have adjustable waist tabs.  When we tried the jeans on they slid off his waist, but after I adjusted the waist the jeans fit perfectly!

A couple of t-shirts and a pair of roll-able beach pants, and I was on my way to the cash desk.

Yet, before I started to check-out, I picked up some great items for the Easter Bunny to drop off.  I found sunglasses, socks, and the sweetest little purse for my daughter to carry to church next Sunday!

I've been a fan of The Children's Place since they arrived in Canada several years ago.  I've never been let down by the styles and selections and when I find deals like I did today, it really makes my day.  At the cash desk, I found all kinds of bonuses.  The cashier handed me a 20% off card for spending over $50.00, which she applied at the end of my transaction.  I collected Air Miles for my purchase, and I even earned Place Cash for my next purchase during the month of April.

The employee I dealt with went above and beyond in taking care of me while I was browsing, and paying.

My visit to one of my favourite stores was enjoyable and fun.  I had exceptional value for my dollar and the styles were just what I was looking for.

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Disclaimer:  I was sent a gift card to facilitate my shop.  Opinions expressed are mine, yours may differ.


Gingermommy said...

I love this store for my little princess. Great quality clothes, fashionable too. And if I am lucky enough to make a sale day it is a bonus. Love their clearance rack.. It gives me a reason to buy more lol

Deborah Coombs said...

TCP does have great styles for the kids. The one nearest to me isn't the most comfortable to shop unfortunately - cramped and always just a little messy. Yours looks fabulous!

Canadian Dad said...

Even as a dad, Children's Place is one of those stores I don't mind taking the kids to. Always great deals and cool selections. Air Miles and bonuses don't hurt either!

Rudy said...
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Nicole said...

The Children's Place is such a great place to shop for children's clothing. I just wish the one in my region was a little more stroller friendly. For that reason seldom do I visit the location.