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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Why not try Krill Oil?

I know that many of us know and appreciate the benefits of fish oil, now let's take it a step further and learn about Krill Oil.

What is krilloil.com

Everest Nutrition Krill Oil  is a dietary supplement which is clinically shown to promote cardiovascular health, support joint health, and relieve PMS symptoms.

Krill Oil differs from fish oil in that it is free of contamination, doesn't cause any negative side effects, and contains more nutrients.

I was instantly interested in the benefits of Krill Oil.  I am all for a easy to take supplement which offers so much, but, I've had a difficult time in the past getting past the fishiness.  Reading that there was no fishy aftertaste, because Krill Oil absorbs better, I jumped aboard the Krill Oil train.

This is my story of how Krill Oil has helped me in the last month. 
 This is my personal story and in no way endorsed by the folks at Krill Oil, or based on any medical studies.

Mid-December I was put on medication by my physician for high blood pressure.  I received my review bottles of Krill Oil in mid-January.   After reading up and understanding the benefits of taking daily capsules,  I thought that I would put them to the test and see if my blood pressure could come down with the aid of Krill Oil, while tapering off of my prescription.   (I've taken a lot of medications in my time, and prefer to keep them to a minimum)  So, over the course of several weeks I've tapered off the meds and continued a daily regime of Krill Oil.  Last week at a check up my blood pressure was spot on.

I am excited to see my blood pressure coming in to line.

It is easy to keep up with taking the recommended dosage as the capsules are very easy to swallow, and without an aftertaste.

Other benefits your body will say thank you for, just by taking Krill Oil

  • reduction in pain and inflammation
  • aids in the reduction of emotional symptoms associated with PMS
  • improvement of metal function
  • improvement in energy

Find out more about krilloil.com and the way it can help you achieve better health and well being!

Disclaimer:  I was sent a sample for my review and opinion.  These are my thoughts and are not influenced by anyone.  Your opinions and results may vary.  Please consult a physician before beginning any supplemental routine.  

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