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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Thunderbutt's happy place #campmemories

Sometimes kids can be mean.

We've all been there and felt the heart-break of knowing your child is being left out or being bullied at school.  Now, image a divine place where everyone is treated with love and respect.  Where children are welcomed with open arms.  Where campmemories are made and are so wonderful that they last the whole year through, not to mention what will most likely be a lifetime.

We are so lucky to have a spot in Perth county, in a clump of trees, which is home to a little place called Camp Bimini.

Camp Bimini is not fancy, nor is it on a glistening lake.  Camp Bimini doesn't need those things to make it special.

My children have been going to summer camp at Bimini for several years now.  It is not only the high-light of their summer, it has been key in shaping them into happy children.  As we wait in line for registration they find familiar faces and new friends.

Camp Bimini has been in operation since the 1940's.   Over the years, they've kept it simple.  Summer camp at Bimini is all about old-fashioned fun.

Besides making friends for life, the kids say their memories of summer camp are songs, skits, games, vespers, campfire and fun meals.

Thunderbutt is my son, Matthew.  Two years ago he was given the nickname at summer camp and he proudly wears it.   Staff at camp welcomed Matt last year by yelling out Thunderbutt!

Thunderbutt is so attached to camp and the councilors, that he cries his little heart out when it is time to go home.  As his mom, I feel so sad for him that his heart is breaking, but I'm also so thankful for his week at camp being such a positive experience.  I remind him that next year will be here before he knows it - even though at the time it seems like it'll be forever.

Registration forms will be available within a few weeks now.  We will be stalking the site for the moment 2012 camps are announced!  I can not recommend summer camp enough for any child.  It is an enriching experience with campmemories that will keep forever.  Kids don't keep, but the memories sure will.


beniceorleavethanks.com said...

That camp sounds wonderful. What a great adventure for your kids to look forward to each year. You know the kid loves camp when they embrace the crazy nickname!

Teri M said...

I remember your son's nickname - love it! Do you call him that at home ever?? :) Such a fun place!!