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Monday, February 27, 2012

Patterns make Preening Prettier

Just the other day, I revealed that I am now forty years old.

With forty, (heck, with thirty) came a few wayward hairs that were in need of a little plucking.  Yet, all tweezers are not created equal, and I know first hand the frustration of not be able to get a grip on that nasty little hair that we want rid of.

Trellis Slant Tweezers from Tweezerman

This spring pretty up the make-up bag with these pretty trellis design tweezers.

Trellis Slant Tweezers are available in fresh spring colours - pink, green and blue.

I received these and they are like no other tweezers I've previously owned.  (And, I've been on the hunt for the perfect tweezers for quite some time)  Each and every time, with perfect precision these tweezers grab onto the hair and effortlessly pull it out.

Slant tweezera is the #1 choice of make-up artists, models, and celebrities....and me!

Look for this pretty preening device at Sephora this spring.

Disclaimer:  I was sent a sample for my review.  Opinions expressed are mine, yours may differ.

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