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Thursday, February 9, 2012

For the Love of Bagels

My sister and I just got back home from picking up a few groceries.

During the shop, I remembered it was National Bagel Day.  I also remembered that Dempster's introduced their newly formulated bagels in celebration of National Bagel Day.  So, we headed over to check them out.

Sure enough, there was new packaging and it said new recipe on my old favourite.  Feeling the bagels inside I could instantly tell a difference.    New Dempster's Bagels feel very soft and fresh.  I bought original, cinnamon raisin, and everything....I'll let you know shortly what we think!

In the mean time, we'll be celebrating National Bagel Day with Dempster's new recipe bagels.

Dempster’s is launching their new bagel formulation.  The new recipe for Dempster’s Bagels ensures every bagel toasts up to be crispy on the outside yet stays soft and fluffy on the inside.  Made fresh daily in bakeries across Canada, Dempster’s Bagels use a special recipe and authentic baking process. The improved recipe includes premium Canadian ingredients such as real cinnamon and spice, dried blueberries, fried onions and pumpkin seeds. The result? A bagel that’s perfect for toasting and topping.


kevin21 said...
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Stephanie said...

I'm almost embarassed to admit how many bagels this family eats in a week. Yeah for national bagel day!

Janet said...

Mmmmmm! A toasted bagel with strawberry jam - my favourite!