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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A poopy phenomenon

Yesterday, right after our supper, I take our dog out and walk down the sidewalk of our street.  It isn't a far walk, but it is enough for Roxy to get a little exercise and for her to have a chance to go to the bathroom.  Yesterday, it poured rain and all of our snow is gone once again. 

You'll remember that dog ownership was new to us last spring and this is our first winter having a dog, so I guess I never really noticed this phenomenon before.

People don't seem to pick up their puppy poop when there is snow on the ground.

But why?

I am guessing that people think it is covered in snow so it isn't visible-no harm, no foul.

Then, the snow melts.  Yet, dog poop doesn't melt, and now the ground and sidewalk is covered, and it certainly isn't frozen.  I have three children who walk the sidewalk daily to go to and from their bus stops.  It is oh-so-pleasant when they track wet dog poop into the house on their boots.

I just don't get it?  I don't remember seeing dog poop everywhere the rest of the year.  I would never not stop and scoop up my dog's poop, she is small, but mighty.  I can only imagine the mess I would be leaving behind if I didn't.  Is it just me, or is it the responsibility of the dog owner to pick it up, no matter the time of year?


GypsyFox said...

lol that is just too bad!! pick up your poopie people, pick it up!! lol

stephy905 said...

I TOTALLY agree with you. Everyone should clean up after their pets. I'm in a wheelchair and can't take off my wheels after being outside. A lot of people don't realize it doesn't help if the snow covers it for us wheelies haha.

ter@waaoms said...

yes, it is. and it's best to grab it when it's fresh before it freezes and gets stuck to the ground!! I know I clean up the back yard less in the winter for that very reason but when we're on a walk if she happens to (she rarely does because I kind of trained her to wait til we get home!) I pick it up because it's not frozen to the ground yet.

I'm in a bloggy slump but won't be talking about poo. haha any other ideas?? (I could complain about my car today but I don't want to either)

Jena said...

Well that's too bad. I live in a neighborhood where dogs often roam freely, so there's often dog poop on the side of the road (no sidewalk on my street), but I'm more concerned about the deer poop I always manage to step in when I go out to the back yard.

Been a long time since I had a dog, but I used to pet-sit for a friend when I was in grad school and I always thought it was easier to pick up the poop in the winter--it cooled off quicker and, in my mind, was way less gross than picking it up in the warmer weather.

Lee-Ann said...

We have the same problem around here! It is so annoying! It is really gross! I am pretty sure I know the one guy that takes his 2 huge labs and lets them run without leashes later in the evening and lets them go wherever and never cleans it up. So gross!