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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

PKG ~ Purveyors of Fine Digital Accessories {Holiday Gift Idea}

Earlier this Fall, I took the show on the road.  When one leaves their home overnight nowadays, one must take certain electronic devices - one being their laptop.

Now, my laptop has previously left home, and traveled comfortably inside of luggage.  But, for this particular outing I wanted a laptop bag, for protection and ease of carrying.  As I started to research and look for laptop bags, I came across PKG - Purveyors of Fine Digital Accessories.

Browsing through their site, I found lots of laptop bags and laptop sleeves and thought that these bags were exactly what I was looking for!

Christmas came early when I received a beautiful bag from PKG, called The Swollen PKG.

The Swollen is designed for women who want one PKG that can do it all. A female designed bag, the centre padded zip pocket will fit a 15.4” laptop, and all of your school or work needs. Two outside pockets let you really pack it in, but keep it compact enough to take out after a day’s work. This package does the job of 2 – and does it well. 

Trying to express my love for this bag, without sounding like I am gushing is going to be difficult.  I showed it to my sister and she agreed it was a gorgeous bag, and she asked if it was leather.  In fact, The Swollen PKG definitely looks and feels like leather, but it isn't.  

The middle of the bag is zippered, and this is where you can safely tuck your laptop.  On either side of the zippered middle are snap compartments for carrying everything else that needs to tag along.  The outside is white, and the lining on the inside pockets is a rich red colour.  The bag has strong carrying straps and inside I found another removable strap which can be used for carrying over the shoulder.

This bag is excellent quality and really well made.  In my opinion, this is the be-all-and-all when it comes to laptop bags!

Find this bag and more at NicePKG.  I saw a bag called Half Mast, which I am going to need shortly.  {My daughter is receiving a tablet for Christmas and this cute bag is going to be exactly what she needs to protect her gift.}  If the bag I received is any indicator, (and I believe it is) a gift from NicePKG would make any recipient very happy on Christmas morning!

Connect with NicePKG on facebook and twitter.

Hint*  This morning I just saw PKG featured on Canadian talk show, Marilyn Denis and her hot picks for the holidays.  If you head over to Marilyn Denis'  site, you'll find a giveaway which includes laptop sleeves from PKG! *


Disclaimer:  I was sent a sample for my review.  Opinions expressed are mine, yours may differ.

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