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Saturday, December 10, 2011

My Friendship Bracelet Maker & My Ribbon Barrette Maker {Holiday Giveaway}

In my younger years, I spent hours upon hours weaving friendship bracelets.  It was fun!  And, now I know it was being creative and also developing my hand/eye co-ordination.  But, it was rather fiddly work.  You remember making friendship bracelets, don't you?  Safety pins and thread everywhere.

Fast forward.  My children are constantly coming home asking for two dollars....that is what a friendship bracelet sells for these days.  Kids make bracelets and then sell them at school for causes.  Take for instance, a local girl has cancer and our community raised a good chunk of money for the family, through the sale of friendship bracelets.  I think it is a great way to show support and raise funds!

But, the time has come to say good bye to safety pins and tangled thread.  Introducing My Friendship Bracelet Maker.

Amazing New Toy that allows users to easily create fabulous friendship bracelets to wear and share! 56 pre-cut threads included inside the storage case.
Here is everything you'll ever need to make your next friendship bracelet, minus the safety pins and tangled mess.  Inside My Friendship Bracelet Maker you'll find multiple thread colours, and instructions on how to make simple to deluxe bracelets.  If you can make a number four, then you can weave bracelet creations with this award winning toy.  I love that my girls can put down the video game or phone and use their hands for creating beautiful bracelets, and as an added bonus everything is contained inside the case.

When (and if) your girl has made all the bracelets that she can handle, switch gears and try My Ribbon Barrette Maker.

Again, everything which girls will need to create their personal hair flair.  Just look at all the beads and lovely ribbon included, which will look beautiful in your girls hair.  All safe and secure in the handy storage compartment.  Using My Ribbon Barrette Maker is fun and easy. Make a barrette to celebrate the holidays.

I love seeing the girls get into a crafty project.  Making bracelets and barrettes definitely takes me back in time, and I am thrilled that my girls love working on bracelets and barrettes.  We are going to be busy crafting over the holidays, you could too!

Find where to purchase by visiting www.myfbm.com.


~ Holiday Giveaway @ Country Mouse, City Mouse! ~

One lucky reader will win both My Friendship Bracelet Maker and My Ribbon Barette Maker.

Disclaimer:  I was sent a sample for my review.  Opinions expressed are mine, yours may differ.


Janet said...

That's awsome! My friend gave me a friendship bracelet with a difference. It has links in it with spaces for photographs! I will have to do a blog about it sometime!

mverno said...

i follow on gfc mverno mverno@roadrunner.com