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Friday, December 16, 2011

Memory Lane

Back in the day, my brother and sister and I, only had one opportunity to see Santa in the weeks leading up until Christmas.

These days, children see Santa everywhere they go, at the mall, at Christmas parties, even on the street in our little town.  Sometimes, I think that the thrill of Santa is lost a bit now with all these sightings.

When I was a kid, our one and only visit with Santa was at the firehall.  The volunteer firefighters put on an annual hayride.  We went to the firehall, waited in line for what seemed like forever, to sit on Santa's knee and receive a bag of candy.  After, we lined up to board a hayride - an actual hayride on a hay wagon.  Often, I can remember the hayride to be freezing cold with snow blowing in our faces.  But, would we miss out and not go due to the weather?  Not a chance!

When we returned from the hayride, there would be hot chocolate waiting to warm up our frozen bodies.

Last Sunday was the annual Granton hayride.

I took Matthew and Jillian, and my sister took her children, Lyla and Landon.  What an amazing experience to have my sister and her kids here, to go with my children.    So much was as we recalled, yet, so much was different too.  It was still held at the firehall, there was Santa, but no line up to see him.  There was a wagon ride but no hay.  There was hot chocolate, and there were treat bags - just as we remembered!

I do think that the maybe the novelty of Santa is lessened then previous generations.  But, the magic of Christmas is the same.

Taking a moment to see Christmas through the eyes of our children, completed my trip down memory lane.


Jul said...

m...In your country children see Santa everywhere they go, but our children doesn't. We celebrate New Year and wait changes...we hope on good luck. Santa goes to home for money or anybody from the parents congratulates children

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

The good thing is that even though you remember it a little differently, your kids never knew your memory so they're just as happy as you were!

Lee-Ann said...

It is so true about seeing Santa so much. We've seen him 3 times already!