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Friday, December 9, 2011

Holiday Gifts Made Delicious

My fondest memory of my grandma is baking with her, in her little pantry.  I can remember to this day her mixer and her bowl.  We baked the whole year through, but, around the holidays we really whipped up a storm.  Grandma and I made lots of homemade food gifts, and then after a couple of days of baking and making we would load up plates and deliver them to Grandma's friends, family and neighbours.    And, in exchange, at most houses, they would give us a plate of their goodies.  It was a cookie exchange before anyone really knew what a cookie exchange was!

Fast forward....Grandma is sadly no longer with us, but her love for the kitchen and baking lives on in me (and, I hope in my children as well.)

At one time, I was famous for my home baking.  I would channel Grandma and make up gifts of home made baking for my neighbours.  Then, life happened and baking went by the wayside, there was even years I would purchase baking from a local inn.{gasp}  This year I am bringing back home-made goodness, thanks to the easy recipes at Life Made Delicious.

Homemade cereal mixes are one my favourites during the holidays.  In fact, I just made a sweet Chex mix this afternoon.

White Chocolate Chex
  • Box of Rice Chex
  • Package of White Chocolate Chips
  • Crushed Candy Canes

This is so simple.  Just spread the cereal on a baking sheet.  Melt your chips in the microwave, meanwhile crush candy canes.  Sprinkle the candy cane over the cereal, and then spread the melted chips over the cereal.   Get in there with your hands and mix it all up.

I picked up so red and green reusable plastic containers at the grocery store.  The kids fill the containers and I finish our gift with a bow tied around the top.

So simple, so easy, and so appreciated by the recipient!

Find more Chex holiday recipes at Life Made Delicious.

Disclosure: I am part of the Life Made Delicious Blogger program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.


SassyModernMom said...

Such a great idea! I love to give and receive home baked gifts!

debijackson said...

great gift idea and I'm sure to try it.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Yum! These sounds really wonderful.