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Sunday, December 4, 2011

3D Deco Light from 3D Light FX {Holiday gift idea}

Earlier this Fall, I was taking a little road trip with a fellow blogger, and as we drove we spoke about different products we've received and some of our favourites.  My friend, was telling me about this cool light she had received for her eight year old son's bedroom.  Having my own eight year old son, I was quite interested to learn more, and made a mental note to look up 3D Deco Lights when I got home.

Right away, I knew it was something that Matthew would not just like, but LOVE!

A couple of weeks ago, we received our very own Soccer Ball 3D Deco Light.

Matthew sleeps in the top bunk, and the age old problem and fight is over who will be turning the light off.   So many disagreements have erupted over the light issue...but, not any more.  Matthew can now turn off his light right beside where he is snuggled in for the night.

Besides, having a super cool visual effect, this light is functional.  It runs on batteries, or it can be plugged in, which is so convenient.  Being on the top bunk we use batteries, the 3D Soccer Light has given Matthew the perfect amount of light he needs to read a book quietly, or play a little game before he turns in for the night.  I like that there isn't any need for what can be a dangerous cord right near where my child is sleeping.

We installed the light quickly, and found the instructions to be very easy to follow.  (Huge selling point, in our opinion)  We began by applying the crackle sticker to a clean wall.  I've applied wall decals before, and the sticker was applied in the exact same manner.  We then just mounted the light with the screws, which are included.  (You will have to drill holes in your wall.)  And, there was the new light on Matthew's wall.

As a parent, I'm happy that the light is lead free and won't overheat, since it has a LED bulb.  The shine from the Soccer Ball Light is soft and makes a great night light also.

You can purchase at Wal Mart Canada, and online, where you will find a great deal on shipping.

I think these lights are a big hit with sports fans, boys and girls alike, since there are pink balls available as well.  Kids will wonder how they got stuck into the wall, and so will adults.  3D Deco Lights are great, affordable gifts.  And, they come from a Canadian company created by a dad!

Find out more about 3D Light FX by visiting on facebook and on twitter.

Disclaimer:  I was sent a sample for my review.  Opinions expressed are mine, yours may differ.

1 comment:

Sheri said...

Isn't it great? It definitely solves the top bunk problem with lights!