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Saturday, November 5, 2011

No More Brace Face ~ Thanks to Invisalign Teen {giveaway}

I can recall wanting braces so badly when I was young, so much that I even put tin foil around my teeth to mimic the silver of braces.  And, then when I was in grade seven my dentist actually sent me to the orthodontist and I ended up with an appliance on the top of my mouth, as well as braces.  And, I was not a happy camper or easy to deal with at all.

The pain was unbearable at times and so was I.  I can remember giving my mom such a hard time.  You see, the appliance on the roof of my mouth had to be manually moved with a key each night before bed, and it didn't take too many nights for me to figure out that it hurt each and every time, so I resisted.  My Dad had to even hold me down in a chair just to perform the operation.

Everything about my experience was pretty negative.  I always had sores on the insides of my cheeks from the braces being rough or even getting caught.  Then there was the problem of a bracket coming right off a tooth, and you know murphy's law says that things like that always happen when you are away from home.  Being at the cottage with a bracket hanging off your tooth for a week or two at a time is not a fun experience.

I was so happy the day those braces came off!

Fast forward to several years later when my oldest daughter was told she was going to need braces.  I knew her dental problems were the exact same as mine and I feared for that she was going to be needing that top of the mouth appliance.  How would I ever move that key?  Luckily, times have changed, she did have an appliance called an Quad-Helix, but there was no at home adjustment needed.  Phew!

Emily's brace experience was a lot smoother than mine.  Yet, it does take a huge commitment, on behalf of the patient as well as the family.  Living in a small town, means no orthodontist close by, so there is a lot of traveling to and from appointments.  She would often say that her classmates would tease and call her names, as she was one of the first kids in her class to get braces.  I was always diligent in making and keeping her dental check-ups during her orthodontic treatment, because I was really worried that cavities were forming in her mouth.  (It is rather difficult to clean teeth properly when one has braces on.)  I know that a lot of kids who need orthodontic treatment are leary to do so for fear of interruption of their sporting activities.

Right at the end of Emily's treatment she noticed a poster for Invisalign Teen and lamented how she wished she had known about Invisalign before her orthodontic treatment began.

Invisalign Teen uses a series of clear, invisible aligners to gradually straighten teeth, without metal or wire - making them the ideal choice to fit the lifestyle of busy teens

  •  It's removable, letting teens continue with their normal eating patterns and dental hygiene
  • Treatment is inconspicuous, teens feel that they fit in and don't stand out as the kid with braces
  • There are no wires or brackets causing discomfort to a teen's mouth
  • Teen's can continue with their favourite activities, which can become a challenge with metal braces
  • Invisalign has been the choice of nearly one million dental patients

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Disclosure – I am participating in the Invisalign Teen program by Mom Central Canada on behalf of Align Technology, Inc.  I received compensation as a thank you for my participation.  The opinions on this blog are my own.


Denise G said...

More confidence when I smile

ontariohappychick at gmail dot com

Belinda M said...

it would help me out financially get my son's teeth straightened


janice budgell pollard said...

This would so help us because our daughter desperately needs braces and we just both lost our jobs.
janicebudgellpollard at hotmail dot com

ginette4 said...

This would benefit my daughter, she needs braces.

anger_family @yahoo dot com

robynl said...

blog follow via GFC as Robyn L

this would help with the cost for sure and it seems a better way to go for the kids


ksceviour said...

Invisalign would benefit my son who is 12 and has slightly crooked teeth..would make him feel better about himself.
ksceviour at hotmail dot com

nzrd said...

I would have a better smile :)

Bee W Bedard said...

I would have a great smile

Glogirl said...

This device would be of benefit to me as it is nearly invisible so I wouldn't be nearly as self-conscious wearing it as I would be wearing braces.

flowerchild said...

It would benefit me because my teeth are crooked and we can't afford braces

Huguette En said...

Would give a nicer smile :)

Debbie said...

Self esteem would be the greatest benefit. Traditional braces are not the most enhancing feature.

SueSueper said...

It sure would help straightening my teeth, have a few crowded ones!!

deanna_boocock said...

My daughter needs braces but only for cosmetic reasons. It would be great if we could do something like this instead!