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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Monkey Brains {Holiday Gift Idea}

Monkey Brains is a new collection of hair care that allows you to express yourself. To be fun, be cool and be yourself! Look around. How many styles do you spot everyday: spikes, fauxhawks, and controlled messiness... Almost everyone you see is sporting an individual look! 

Looking for a great stocking stuffer, which is fun, as well as functional?

Monkey Brains is a great choice!

Matthew, my eight year old has gone bananas for Monkey Brains.  Not, that he has any hair to style, since we keep it cut short.  But, because he is at the age where he is wanting to act a little more grown up, and now he has a hair-care product just for him.

We received two products from Monkey Brains hair-care line.  The line includes shampoo, conditioner, and styling products such as gel and pomade.

Psycho Sticky Hair Glue

Previously, Matthew has asked me to spike his hair for him.  He doesn't really have enough hair to support spikes, but he can get it to stand up a bit with Monkey Brains Sticky Hair Glue.    Matthew's school always does wacky hair day, and I know having Psycho Sticky Hair Glue on our side, his hair is going to be sick!  This stuff has a super strong hold, which lasts the day.

Grease Monkey Hair Pomade

Another great product, made to keep hair perfectly styled.  If your looking to add a little texture or a flip, then Grease Monkey Hair Pomade is for you.  With my curly hair, I like using this product.  A little goes a long way to adding some definition to my hair, without a greasy look.

Monkey Brains is packaged brightly, with a fun(ny) monkey as its logo.  I can see why kids think using Monkey Brains is cool.  Yet, as a mom, I was tempted to try to Monkey Brains,  and thought it was a great styling product for myself!  I always try to stuff my stockings with items that are fun and useful, and I can definitely see myself putting Monkey Brains hair care products in some Christmas stockings this year!

Find where to purchase (within the US) by using the store locator.  I love that is available for folks to purchase right in their local drug stores and mass-market retailers.

Connect with Monkey Brains on facebook and twitter.

Disclaimer:  I was sent a sample for my review.  Opinions expressed are mine, yours may differ.

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