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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hot Toy for the Holidays ~ Furreal Friends, Cookie the Playful Pal {Holiday Gift Idea}

When we were at the Hot Toys for the Holidays event there was one certain toy which Jillian instantly feel in love with.

FURREAL FRIENDS Cookie the Playful Pal

Jillian wasn't the only one who fell in love with Cookie - I thought Cookie was pretty sweet myself.

When asking Jillian what it is about Cookie that makes her heart go a pitter-patter, she said it was because Cookie is her best friend ever!  And Cookie loves her as well.  Jillian loved Cookie so much, that even though she would look at other toys at the toy fair, she would be sure to keep one hand on the pup.

With real-as-can-be movements, sounds and actions, COOKIE MY PLAYFUL PUP lets you experience the joy of having a puppy of your very own! When you pet her on her head or back, she barks, moves her head and wags her tail. Give her cheek a little scratch and she’ll turn toward your hand to ask for more! When you tell her just how sweet she is, she’ll respond with puppy babble that sounds just like she’s talking to you! She loves her squeaky toy — when you make it squeak, she’ll turn her head toward the sound! When you put her toy bone in her mouth, she’ll make crunching sounds like she’s chewing it. 
What young child doesn't want a puppy of their own?  Cookie is the perfect alternative to the real deal.  I was impressed with how interactive Cookie My Playful Pup really is and how Cookie can keep Jillian engaged.   And, Cookie is super soft, Jillian loved hugging her, not to mention carrying her around. 
Country Mouse, City Mouse thinks that Cookie is a divine Christmas gift and definitely a hot holiday pick.  I can see Christmas magic in Jillian's eyes when she speaks of Cookie!

Look for Cookie My Playful Pup at local retailers, such as Toys R Us and WalMart.  Cookie My Playful Pup is geared to children aged four and up and does require batteries to operate.  Cookie arrives with demo batteries, so Santa might also want to bring along some batteries.

Cookie is not alone, Hasbro has loads of great gifting ideas for the holiday season.

Disclaimer:  I was offered a sample for my review.  Opinions expressed are mine, yours could differ.


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