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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rock N Learn ~ Phonics {giveaway}

Matthew continues to struggle with reading and spelling.  We've been working with him to try to get him caught up, but he seems so frustrated.  He had a spelling test a couple of weeks ago and his results left us knowing that he was still struggling.  Thankfully, I had just received another couple of DVDs from Rock N Learn.  Without truly realizing that he was so lost, I had requested Phonics!

Previously, my family had reviewed Sight Words, so we knew that the Rock N Learn DVD system was key to helping us master those high frequency words.  I was eager to give Rock N Learn its next task - help Matthew learn phonics.

It became pretty apparent that Matthew really didn't have a good grasp on phonics.  But, before we knew it Matthew was engaged and he was starting to learn without even knowing it, with Phonics from Rock N Learn.

The premise of Rock N Learn is to make learning fun and interactive.  Phonics combines songs, rhymes and animation to help kids learn those important building blocks which will lead to fluent spelling and reading.  I admit, we have a long road before us, but with the help of Rock N Learn I am confident that we are taking the right steps to reach our end goal.

To take it one step further, I can download worksheets to use in conjunction with the DVDs.  Rock N Learn DVDs are proving to be an invaluable asset in my home, one which I am so thankful.  I think, from what I've seen, Rock N Learn is a great learning tool.

Canadians can buy from KidSource to avoid excess tariffs and fees.  Alternatively, search for Canadian retailers who carry Rock N Learn.

Americans use code JQ7711 to receive 25% off your purchase at Rock N Learn.

~ Giveaway @ Country Mouse, City Mouse! ~

One lucky reader will win their choice of DVD or CD from Rock N Learn.
(open to Canada and USA)

To Enter:
  • Sign up for the newsletter at Rock N Learn - please use the form provided
  • All winners @ CMCM must be blog followers

Disclaimer: I was offered a review DVD. These are my opinions, yours may differ.

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