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Friday, October 7, 2011

Ontario Votes

I will admit it - I enjoy politics on all levels.  I like the debate and I love the buzz that surrounds election day. 

Yesterday was provincial elections here in Ontario.  I am disappointed that not more Ontarians used their voice and cast a vote yesterday.  Voter turn out was only 49%.  I know that people care about our province, so why didn't they vote?

 I am honored to live in Ontario and to be raising my children here.  My vote is my way of showing support for the candidate who I am most align with.  I give thanks to all candidates, I know that life of a politician can't be easy and if a candidate is putting themselves out there, they are, because they care and want to make a difference.

Personally, I am disappointed (and a little shocked) that the candidate I support was not re-elected.  But yet, that is the beauty of living in our province/country!

  As a woman I remember those who fought so I have the right to vote and maybe that is why I make it my responsibility to vote in every election.  And, as a mother, this provincial election has been a great teaching opportunity for me.  I took the opportunity to talk with and teach  my children about all levels of politics.  After all, the decisions made today effect our children directly.  We are raising the future of our great province.

  Who knows - a future premier could be right here on my street!

1 comment:

Josee said...

Well I find politics boring but I'm glad somebody enjoys it.
I always go vote though. I think it's a citizen responsibility. If I don't vote I don't see how I could have a right to complain about the government. :)