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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Canadian Moms Want Options!

We want options when it comes to the cleaning products which we use in our homes, around our children and pets!  Most moms want to use more natural-based cleaners, yet we don't want to give up cleaning power.

Like many Canadian moms, I've tried to find products which aren't chock-full of chemicals.  I feel it is healthier for my home and family  Yet, in that quest, I find that I have to sacrifice cleaning power.  And, I'm not alone!  This summer Vim commissioned a survey of 1000 Canadian Moms - just like you and me.

Did you know?
  • Six out of ten moms are using natural-based cleaning products
  • Yet, only two out of ten feel that natural-based cleaning products work as well as 'traditional' cleaners
  • Out of the moms who aren't using natural-based products - 59% feel that they cost more and 51% feel natural-based cleaners are not as effective 

Vim listened to these results and have released an addition to their trusted-line of cleaning products.

Vim PowerPro Naturals Bathroom

Made with 98% naturally derived ingredients, Vim Naturals will cut through grime and limescale easily.  I have three messy children (and one hubby), I find my bathroom is always a mess.  Removing my previous cleaners from the washroom I replaced my cleaning routine with Vim PowerPro.    I felt that Vim had met it's match.  Using the new Vim product I'm happy to say that I felt it was cleaning just as well as the products which it replaced.  Yet, with the added bonus of knowing I wasn't dosing my counters with harmful counters....because, you never know with kids.  Vim doesn't want us to have to break the bank to use a more natural-based product, they've priced the Naturals line the same as their traditional products!  {Which I love.}

Vim Cream Naturals Multipurpose Cream

While, I don't normally use a cream cleanser, I know that Vim has built it's reputation around their cream cleanser, so if anyone is going to do it right - it would be Vim.  In the spirit of product reviewing, I gave it a try.   Vim Cream Naturals left my kitchen sink gleaming!  Vim Cream Naturals is made with 90% natural ingredients and it is perfect for surfaces like outdoor patio furniture and stainless steel sinks.  Again, prices are in line with traditional Vim products.

Vim listened to Canadian moms and gave us the options we were seeking!

Both of the Vim Naturals cleaning products come with a money back guarantee, and they are on the shelves at your local stores now.

Disclaimer:  I was sent a sample for review.  Opinions expressed are mine, yours could vary.


3Lilacs said...

I didn't realize that Vim has 98% naturally derived ingredients. I never thought to use it on outdoor furniture either, great idea. I'm just putting them for winter and I don't like like putting them away dirty. Thanks for the info.

blueviolet said...

I've used cream cleansers on sinks before and though they're harder to rinse clean, they do a terrific job.