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Monday, May 16, 2011

U by Kotex for Tweens ~

I wonder why it is difficult for moms to speak with their girls about their changing bodies and their inevitable menstrual cycles? Statistics tell us that four out of five moms feel unprepared and unable to talk to their daughters, and sadly one out of three girls has no idea what is happening when they get their first period. I admit once upon a time I was the girl who had no idea what was going on or what to expect, and I vowed my daughters wouldn't go through puberty unprepared or uneducated. U by Kotex knows this and has put together a resource for moms and their daughters to talk and help relive some of the pressure and anxiety. Hello Period, is where girls can engage with others, learn more about periods and puberty, as well as have the opportunity to ask any questions which they might have.

U by Kotex has launched a new line of products, U by Kotex for Tweens, designed especially for girls aged 8 - 12.

NEW U by Kotex Tween* Pads

Introducing new pads with heavy flow absorbency in a smaller size than our regular pads, for younger girls. U by Kotex Tween* pads come in vibrant colors and patterns, have a special cover to ensure they stay dry, plus an absorbent core to lock fluid away and help prevent leaks.
Emily received a couple of boxes of the new Tween Pads for her to try out. They are combi-packs, (pads and liners) which I think is a great concept. The combi-packs allow girls to easily choose the protection she needs. Emily loves the fun and funky pads and packaging, they suit her personality and don't stand out as being pads if they happen to fall out of her gym bag. The hip packaging makes it all a little easier for young girls. Though U by Kotex Tween are smaller, they aren't compromised when it comes to protection

Find out more about U by Kotex Tween, and be sure to share with the tween in your life. Also visit on facebook and follow a long on twitter.

Disclaimer: I was sent a sample for my review, no money was received in exchange for this blog post. Opinions expressed are mine, yours may differ.


ter@waaoms said...

ain't that a fact. I didn't even know a thing about periods or anything. Mine started at age 10, so I really had no clue. (warning TMI coming up) I only had discharge at first and I thought I had soiled myself! I didn't say anything but the next day it happened again! I was mortified! Finally, I told my mom who looked and told me she'll be right back. She came back with a pad and a pamphlet, handed it to me and walked away. Gee thanks mom!

On a funnier note: my friend taught her daughter about it when her dog went into heat. She cut up some old panties to make a hole for the tail and slapped on a pad and told her daughter (who was maybe 8 at the time) that the dog was having her period.

Janet said...

My Mum prepared me well, I think because she wasn't prepared at all! What a great idea for Kotex to come up with. Haven't seen anything like that in SA.