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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ~ Mickey's Great Outdoors

Disney's new preschool DVD provides kids is the ultimate on-the-go experience, with digital copy and hours of interactive fun the The Mickey Mote.

Something new to our family is the Mickey Mote. It is a child-sized hand held remote in the shape of Mickey's famous ears. Jillian was excited to play with it and she quickly picked it up and mastered the remote. At first she would ask me the questions wanting me to answer, but, with a little prompting she gained the confidence to make her own choices. (a great life lesson) The Mickey Mote is very forgiving and if she chose an incorrect answer there was no shame and she was prompted with the right answer. Jillian is four and she was pretty proud to share it with our three year old neighbour, he was quite interested and had fun with the mote as well.

With summer fun in mind, Mickey's Great Outdoors is geared to inspire and enjoy outdoor activities, such as camping, fishing and exploring nature.

Episodes included on the Mickey's Great Outdoors are Mickey's Camp Out, Mickey and Minnie's Jungle Safari, Daisy in the Sky, Daisy's Grasshopper, and never seen before, Mickey's Fish Story.
Mickey's Great Outdoors provides hours of entertainment, which moms and dads can count on to be inspiring, interactive and fun for young minds. The great thing about the Mickey Mote is that it is simple to program and there are 13 other Disney preschool DVD titles which can be used with the remote.

I will definitely looking for additional remote-friendly DVDs, I think they will be perfect for cottage life this summer (especially on rainy afternoons). The digital copy allows parents to download the episodes onto a secondary device for portable on-the-go access.

Look for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ~ Mickey's Great Outdoors available in stores May 24, 2011!

Disclaimer: I was sent a sample for my review. Opinions expressed are mine, yours may differ.

1 comment:

3Lilacs said...

I'm a big fan of Disney and of course Mickey Mouse and it's wonderful they have created products that challenge kid's minds while being super fun. I wish they had these years ago. Thanks for the information, this would make a really great gift for my younger family members.