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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Campbell Original Tomato Soup VS Campbell Blue Brand Tomato Soup

Lately the local news in my neck of the woods, has been the high sodium content in our town water. I can't understand why the people who take care of our water supply can't adjust the sodium levels, but, apparently it isn't that easy to fix. So, while we wait for the engineers to get it together and get our numbers to reasonable levels, we must seek out healthier, lower sodium choices in the foods we eat.

Then, just like a ray of sunshine I learned of Campbell's Blue Brand Tomato Soup. First, I must admit that soups are a staple in our home. My hubby (who has high blood pressure) takes cans of soups to eat at work, and we often enjoy a bowl of soup as our mid-day meal. I was quite interested to see for myself what the buzz around Blue Brand was all about.

Did you know that since 2003 Campbell's has reduced sodium levels in many of their products? In 2010 - 2011 Campbell's will be removing the equivalent of 16 million tea-spoons of salt from 24 of their soups.

Tomato soup is a favourite in our home, with my hubby and son especially. So, a taste test by a couple of tomato soup connoisseurs was in order. Each can of Blue Brand Tomato soup has 5 tomatoes and contains 25% less sodium. They were pleased that Blue Brand is thick and creamy, just as they were expecting from Campbell's and had a great tomato taste. They thought that the Blue Brand was better tasting than the original!

My son doesn't understand about sodium levels, but, my hubby sure appreciates reduced levels. And, so does this mom, I love cooking with Campbell's soups and I am really happy that they are taking the health of their consumers into account.

Take a look and find out more about Campbell's Blue Brand, as well as their Guaranteed Delicious offer.

Disclaimer: I was sent a sample for my review. Opinions expressed are mine, yours may differ.  No compensation was received in exchange for this blog post. 


3Lilacs said...

Hi Pam. Too bad about the water in your town, you would think the sodium levels could be adjusted quickly.
Eating better does help. I love Campbells soups too. Thanks for the info on the low sodium products they carry.

Melinda said...

I've never heard of high sodium levels in public water but I'm glad you found a way to combat it with healthier food options