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Friday, April 15, 2011

Roxy LOVES Omega Paw!

Roxy is excited to introduce Country Mouse, City Mouse readers to Omega Paw.

I always love featuring Canadian companies here, and Omega Paw is right here in the town I live, in fact I pass by it most days going to my childrens school. When we had our cat I longed for an award-winning Omega Paw Roll 'N Clean Litter Box. But, now that we find ourselves in the midst of puppy madness, I found myself researching and looking for dog products. Remember this is a whole new world to us! Once, again I was drawn to Omega Paw and their innovative products.

At Omega Paw we develop, manufacture, and market innovative dog and cat products.
Each year we introduce new, unique, functional products that excite our customers with their creative design.Our goal is to continuously manufacture these products with quality and efficiency to bring value to our customers.
We always aim to build partnerships with our customers by being responsive to their needs.
In all Omega Paw activities we will operate with honesty, integrity, and genuine concern for our employees, customers, suppliers, and community.

Keep an eye out as Roxy reviews Omega Paw products!

If you have a dog or cat you will want to keep in touch with Omega Paw. You can find them on twitter and on facebook.

Note: No compensation was received in exchange for this post.  

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