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Friday, March 11, 2011

Today, I have a teenager!

Dear Emily,

This morning we awoke to a late winter storm - just as it was thirteen years ago.

Today, the baby who made me a mommy is 13 years old. Emily, you have matured and we are all impressed by you. You are such a smart young lady and I have such hopes and dreams for your future. As, you start your teenage years, it gives me a tear in my eye - as I know that by the time you finish your teenage years you will be an adult.

Your teenage years will be full of laughter, high school, friends and boyfriends, learning to drive, first jobs and even heartbreak...but, some of the best days of your life!

Happy Birthday, Emily!



Jane's In The Jungle said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Debbie said...

That is a huge milestone! Happy birthday!

PAM said...

Is it a milestone for her or me??


Mighty M said...

I hope she has a wonderful birthday! :)

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I hope she has a wonderful birthday!

blueviolet said...

Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter!!! It's full speed ahead now, Pam. Look out!

Ginger said...

Happy Birthday Girlie!!
sorry i don't know but is the picture of you or your daughter??
Happy March :)

PAM said...

Hi Ginger,

That is what 13 looks like!

Xmas Dolly said...

Happy Birthday Girlfriend! Don't forget Mom, "Mom, can I wear make-up? and Can I shave my legs?" Talking on the phone for hours and hours. Shopping at the mall without you. Mom, can I go to the mall with my friends! Oh, and don't forget Homecoming dances and $100 and more dresses. Proms! Ahhhh Those were the days and I had two of those girly girls! I'd say Good Luck to Mom is in order here! lol Happy Birthday to your baby girl!

Rob said...

WOW 13. Happy Birthday Emily. I know how you are feeling Pam.

hippo chick said...

And a really cute teenager she is. Happy Birthday, Emily.

~hippo hugs~