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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Introducing ~ Dorset Cereals

Dorset Cereals ~ is an UK based cereal company, which knows what many of us are starting to understand - simple is best.

To make their recipes, they take natural ingredients and carefully blend them together. They visit their suppliers to make sure they are using the best possible ingredients. The result is a really tasty breakfast that’s a good source of fiber and contains whole
grains. Simple, but then the best things in life usually are.

The result is a really tasty breakfast that’s rich in whole grains, provides a good source of fiber and contains no added preservatives.

I am excited to share Dorset Cereals with my readers. Coming soon, I will be reviewing different cereals and offering lots of giveaways for my Canadian readers.
I know what the cereal aisle looks like in our grocery stores. Heck, I used to stock the shelves in the cereal aisle and I know from that experience there are very few natural, simple, wholesome options out there. It is time to get back to the basics and enjoy the good things in life, and that can start first thing in the day with breakfast. I think it is time we do something good for our bodies and that is why I am excited and proud to bring great options to my readers with Dorset Cereals.
In the mean time, next time you are shopping look for Dorset Cereals in all your favourite stores across the country. Stores like the Loblaws family of stores, Sobeys, and Price Chopper. To find a store near you, check here.
Stay tuned...there is loads of goodness to come from Dorset Cereals.

1 comment:

3Lilacs said...

I love Dorset cereals and have been buying them for awhile. I love the ingredients, the taste and that there are no preservatives. Really great cereal.