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Monday, March 14, 2011

ArtisticSensations.com ~ A One-Stop Shop to Designing Your Child's Dream Room!

Be it preparing for your first baby, or switching the nursery over to a toddlers room - I know as a mom, we want to find stylish, cute and unique items for decorating that special place we call our child's room.

I am thrilled to have found Kim. Kim is the mom behind Artistic Sensations, which is a fun and whimsical site chock full of everything to make that personal bedroom for every child in your life.

I know a certain little girl who would go wild for this princess castle bed and all the accessories which you can find at Artistic Sensations to go hand in hand with it. Which includes all the bedding, toy chests, wall art...the selections go on for pages and pages at Artistic Sensations. Honestly, browsing through the pages of this site is so much fun. If you have a theme in mind for decorating, visit Artistic Sensations and let your imagination run wild.

Artistic Sensations was kind to send us an example of their wall art. We received Hang In There Monkey. I thought it looked adorable and would be something which my daughter, Jillian would think was funny, and make her smile.

(I hope you caught that she pretends that the monkey talks to her)

Upon receiving my package from Artistic Sensations, I opened it to find the wall art to be impeccably well-protected. Now, the shipping box was beaten up, I am not quite sure what they do with boxes at customs sometimes! But, due to the care that was taken when packaging, there was no damage to the wall art. A great thing about Artistic Sensations is they ship to Canada and world-wide.

I thought that Hang In There would be a piece she could grow with. While, I know she would completely love any of the princess items, I also know that eventually she will outgrow a princess theme. But, the cute monkey is pretty timeless and equally appealing to both boys and girls.

Hang In There Monkey is a wood mounted graphic which is dust resistant. Perfect for me living in a town with a cement plant.

Shopping with Artistic Sensations was a pleasure from start to finish. Communicating with them was easy and the item I received was a good value, high quality item. Check out Artistic Sensations, where you will find selections of children's bedding, kid's furniture, and teen decor.

Keep up-to-date with Artistic Sensations by connecting on facebook and twitter.

Disclaimer: I was sent a sample for my review. Opinions expressed are mine, yours may differ.


Annie said...

that is a super cute monkey! I love that your daughter thinks it talks to her.

WOW that site is seriously full of some LOVELY pieces! I wish I had a room like that site shows when I was a kid. WOWZERS

Nina Say said...

How cute! I will definitely check them out since we aren't aloud to paint our walls in our apartment. Wall art would be perfect!!

valmg said...

That is adorable! Your daughter seems to really enjoy it!

3Lilacs said...

Jillian and the monkey are both so cute. The Princess decor is darling and l can imagine every little girl wanted that bedroom.

evelester @ gmail.com said...

that is so cute!! I will be getting one for my daughter now- she will love it!!

blueviolet said...

That is SO cute!!! I love that type of wall hanging.

Stefani @ MommyEnterprises.com said...

The monkey is super cute! My daughter Hannah has lots of things "monkey".

Samantha said...

so cute! we are doing my son's room in a jungle/wild animals theme, so that would be cool :)