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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Moon Dough ~ Magic Zoo

Moon Dough ~ Magical Molding Dough that never dries out!
Moon Dough is an amazing molding compound unlike anything you have ever seen before. Launched last fall, Moon Dough became an instant hit. It is soft and marshmellow-like, cleans up easily and never dries out, so you can use it over and over again.
I am a fan and supporter of Spin Master, so I knew that their newest product was going to be a big success. Spin Master is the brains behind Pop on Pals, which we reviewed at Christmas time and which my kids are still enjoying.

New this spring, Spin Master has released Moon Dough Magic Zoo!

Life in the zoo is always on the move with Moon Dough's easy life-like moldings. Just place your Moon Dough into the magic molding Zoo and watch as one of three animals magically comes to life and walks out.
My younger kids oohed and awwed when I brought out the Magic Zoo. My kids love using molding doughs and clays, and they will spend hours working and re-working the dough. Moon Dough has just kicked molding dough up a {huge} notch!

With the Magic Zoo my kids are not only playing with fun dough, they are creating. This kit comes with a magical molding zoo which you place your moon dough inside, the kids then cranked the handle and out walked their animal creations. The kit comes with three animal molds - a penguin, gorilla and a bear, and they are as cute as could be. The moon dough in this set comes in white, orange and purple, and there are two winder walkers to put on the bottom of your little animals so they can toddle about!

The age on the box said 3+, my four year old was just as excited about Moon Dough, as my seven year old, and our nine year old neighbour even played with it! My son loved the little friends he created so much that he took them to school to show his friends, and that is why unfortunately I didn't get a picture of his Moon Dough creations. But, the good news is I can visit my local store and pick up Moon Dough re-fills and the kids can start the fun all over again.

And, since the kids never once stored their Moon Dough in baggies, I can say with certain that Moon Dough does not dry out or become hard!

When I am shopping for molding clays I will reach for Moon Dough over the competitor each and every time. Moon Dough's key point for me is that it is hypo-allergenic, and wheat free. But, the non-drying compound is brilliant!

Disclaimer: I was sent a sample for my review. Opinions expressed are mine, yours may differ.


Nolie said...

I have to get some of this. Little Man got playdough for Christmas and it got smushed in my carpet and dried out in no time.

Christi said...

I didn't know it wouldn't dry out! I will have to get some of this for my kids. We've had play dough before but it always dries out and ends up being a waste. The Moon Dough sounds very cool!

Dee said...

Why couldn't they have something like this when I was little. Even though there are no little kids in the house I think I've got to get me some. I can always say it's for when the granddaughter comes to visit.

Momstart said...

Oh my gosh we all love moon dough at my house

That's IT Mommy said...

Fun stuff! The molds look really cool.

Stefani @ MommyEnterprises.com said...

I bought some Moon Dough for my daughter for Christmas. I think I had more fun with it then she did.

blueviolet said...

It's almost impossible to believe it doesn't dry out. Whatever formula they use is amazing!

Lynsey said...

We love this stuff - SO much cleaner than PlayDoh! I too have as much fun as the girls do playing with it! LOL Great write up!

Randi Troxell said...

pretty much... i'm silly!!!
cause i'm 26.. have no kids...
and i would SO play with this!
i believe it would TOTALLY help with stress... right???