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Thursday, January 13, 2011

01-12-2011 ~ Glad it's not Groundhog Day {the movie}

Ever have a day that starts out okay and like any other, but, by the end of the day you are so happy to close the books on it and move on? Of course you have, I know we all have!

Yesterday, when dropping off the kids at their school, Matt's teacher stopped me in the hall and asked me if I had heard about the death of a parent in the school community? Matthew had told me about it, but, I hadn't really listened to him, as I thought it was a grandparent, not a mom. The mom happens to be a lovely lady who I have spoken with many, many times while in the school. She gave a lot of her time to volunteering at the school, and she was such a genuinely happy person. She had such love for the children at the school and they all knew her. I never once saw her without a smile on her face. I sat and chatted with her at the Remembrance Day assembly. How, sad for her 10 year old daughter to be without her mom, and such a loving, involved mom at that. To make me feel even sadder, it was that young daughter who came home after school and found her mother had died from a heart attack.

Emily called me to come to school and pick her up, as she wasn't feeling well. When I got there, I see police cars parked at the front of the school. I asked Emily why, and she tells me that a grade 9 kid was just suspended for bringing a knife to school!

Then, when the younger kids got off the bus in the afternoon, the group of neighbourhood kids came off the bus, all excited. But, not happy excited, scared excited. That morning while a child was walking to school there was an attempted abduction. The kids had been warned at school and they locked down the school. They also had police there at dismissal time.

I always think how lucky we are to live in or small, rural town...but, then things like this happen and it makes me think, that there isn't anywhere safe anymore. Honestly, I know that. But, I think we become so compliant with day to day life, that when a reminder like this comes along it is an eye-opener.


Mighty M said...

Oh - what a day. So sad about that girls mom, sounds like she was way way too young.

Nancy said...

Wow so sad! Was there a history of illness with this lady?

blueviolet said...

It's really terribly scary now. I am so grateful that my childhood was full of far much innocence.