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Friday, December 3, 2010

Beauty School 101

My neighbour is going back to school starting on Monday. He is going to beauty school! And, I am excited for him and his family. And, secretly a little for myself. You see, when he starts school he receives a kit with salon quality equipment. He will have a blow dryer, curling iron and the best hair flat iron. His wife was telling me how excited they were to get some high-quality hair appliances and learn through him to use them, up until this point they have been using a flat iron they bought second hand. So, of course, I asked if he would give us lessons as well.

I am excited to see what brand of equipment that beauty school views as the best and will cross-reference his products with Flat Iron Reviews. While I am getting better with using my flat iron, I still struggle to get that perfectly smooth look. It may be that I am just not patient enough to take the time to do the job properly...we'll see. Any tips he can send my way are going to be very welcomed!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. Opinions expressed are mine, yours may differ.

1 comment:

Ashley N said...

This is the straighten I use. Normally it would take me 2 hours to straighten my hair entirely with a normal flat iron. My husband bought this for me a year or two ago and HOLY MOLY it works fast! The only set back is that you have to use distilled water in it so as not to ruin the steaming portion of it (you can use regular, but the chemicals in normal tap water might damage it).


That is the amazon link to it if you are interested. Hubby paid 100 bucks for mine at a local store when they first came out, so price has come down IMMENSELY. But it is worth every single penny. What used to take 2 hours now takes my half an hour. It has temp controls (the higher the heat, the crazier the hair that needs to be tamed) and it has the little built in combs but you have the option to use them at different heights or not at all, and you control how much steam output there is.

I cant rave about this enough, its the ONLY one I use and the only one I recommend to anyone. Seriously, if you got the 40 bucks to buy one, then I would do it!