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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Quaker Journey to Wellness ~ each journey is unique!

I think I speak for most moms, a high priority which we have for our children and family is getting and staying healthy. I have learned that there is much more to overall well being than just eating well, though it is a great place to start. I realize that overall health means getting regular physical exercise, being mentally healthy as, well as, making the best choices when buying food for your family.

Working in a grocery store for nearly twenty years, I have seen the way that people buy food. Some orders were completely fresh...fresh produce, meats and dairy. Others, were boxed, canned and frozen orders...with a bag of apples thrown in. Most would say that the fresh grocery order was a better way to eat and feed a family. And, I tend to agree, however, that isn't always possible. I am a firm believer that you can feed your family well with canned or frozen fruits and veggies if you are diligent in reading labels and know food facts. For myself, budget is a huge concern when food shopping. I love to have a fridge full of fresh foods, and will shop for fresh foods by following the weekly specials. I can tell you, if you have the time, eating fresh can be done by weekly specials.

I know the toll that it has had on my children having a mother who is physically challenged due to a back injury. I would love to be able to say that as a family we take walks, ride bikes, play at the park, but I can't. For myself, sometimes the most exercise I get is my weekly visit to a physiotherapist. But, still physical exercise is an important component to overall health. So, we enroll our children in organized sports and activities. Plus, my children spend copious amounts of time outdoors playing with the neighbourhood children. For my family, this has to work.

Going hand in hand with the physical aspect of overall health is mental health. I know living with my injury it can become difficult to find the positive in each day, but, I make it a priority every-single-day. For my children, I strive to show them the positive in life. Sometimes, it can become so easy to have the mentality of poor me, and I want them to see the good in life. Depression can become very real, and I know there is strain on my kids from living a different life than that they see their friends living.

Probably my Journey to Wellness is going to be pretty different from other bloggers, which you might read. Nonetheless, I know that everyone's journey is going to be unique and worth following.

That is why I have been following, with interest, Lynn on her Quaker Journey to Wellness. Lynn has been blogging and documenting the changes she has been making in her families life as they set out to improve all aspects of their living. Reading about Lynn is fun, my journey doesn't parallel hers, but that is okay. This is the beauty of the Quaker Journey to Wellness, though everyone may be traveling down a different path we all have similar goals at the finish line. But then again, is there ever a finish line when we are striving for healthy living? There will always be something we want to improve upon.

Be sure to check out Lynn, and encourage her along the way. While you are there vote in a poll, give Lynn a tip or leave a comment on a post. There is lots to be won in monthly draws.

Disclaimer: I am participating in the Quaker Journey to Wellness by Mom Central on behalf of Pepsi Co. I will receive a gift card as a thank you for my participation. Opinions expressed on my blog are mine, your could differ.


DP said...

Great blog. I'm following you now!

blueviolet said...

It's an ongoing journey, isn't it, my friend? I'm sorry you struggle with back issues!

hippo chick said...

Having fibromyalgia, I can appreciate that each our our journeys to healthy living is different.

I try hard to eat fresh foods. I think it's easier with just the two of us. I think next to fresh is frozen, a lot of which is my own. It makes me happy to open packages of frozen veggies from our garden.

For me, exercise is essential and I am blessed to be able to walk and participate in Curves. When I feel the arthritis in my feet or hands acting up, I just thank God that I can, for the time being, continue to walk for exercise.

This was a great post, Pam. Thanks.

~hippo hugs~