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Monday, November 29, 2010

Gifts for her or him ~ Skinactives

Country Mouse, City Mouse

Welcome to Day 29 of my Holiday Gift Guide
Today, I am sharing a skin care option that you may just be looking for!

At Skin Actives Scientific we provide everything you need to take control of your skin care. We stock the best ‘actives’, ingredients proven by scientific research and real world testing to have the best effects. Combine our actives with your favorite cream, lotion, or other application method and you create a skin care product that is not only world class in the sum of its parts but customized for you, by you, so that its effect on your skin is unmatched by any product on the retail market.

Skinactives believes in giving the consumer all the choices when it comes to skin care products. You can purchase DIY kits to mix up your own at home, or you can buy premade and ready to go just for you! Purchase a base cream then simply mix up actives to achieve whatever kind of cream you are aiming for. Because, not everyone's needs are the same, why should we settle for using the same cream as someone who has completely different skin issues?

This is the skinactives Serum Quartet Set

Included in this set are the following products:

~ DMAE Serum for tightening and nutrition
~ ELS Serum for intense moisturizing
~ Collagen Serum for building and maintain collagen
~ CHAS Serum for anti-oxidant protection

Using this kit is a great way to find out works best for your skin. My favourite is DMAE Serum, winter weather is especially difficult on my skin so I am really thankful to have some DMAE for the coming weather. It leaves my face feeling the best is ever has and the effects are lasting.

Skinactives is a great choice as a holiday gift. They even have their fun Santa Claus in a Box. It includes everything you need to host a mixing party! Mixing is simple and fun.

Thank you to skinactives for joining me during my holiday gift guide.

Disclaimer: I was sent a sample for review. Opinions expressed are mine, yours may differ.

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