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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gifts for the Family ~ Disney's The Search for Santa Paws

Country Mouse, City Mouse

Day 24 of my Holiday Gift Guide. Can you believe exactly one month until Christmas Eve?
Are your feeling the magic of Christmas yet? If your aren't, watch The Search for Santa Paws and you will!
Today, I am excited to share the new Santa Paws movie, or movie dogs in (my daughter) Jillian-speak!

Yesterday, November 23 was the release of The Search for Santa Paws, a much anticipated event at our home! My kids loved the first Santa Buddies movie and they were through-the-roof excited to see the advertisements on tv promoting the newest installment of Santa Paws. Actually, this new movie, is the story of what happened before Santa Buddies.

This is a magically, beautiful movie. And, it warms my heart to watch it.

Santa must travel to New York city after he finds out that the world has lost the Christmas spirit. But, then Santa loses his memory and it is up to his best friend, Paws to save Santa and show the world what the spirit of Christmas really is about. The movie is full of moments that will pull at your heart strings, and moments that will put a smile on your face. I just love the talking dogs..... they really are adorable.

The spirit of Christmas is exemplified perfectly in the tradition of Santa Claus.

As parents, we pass down the stories and traditions of Santa Claus. Even if we can’t think of a logical explanation as to how he visits every home on one night or why there are so many Santa look-alikes all around town each December, it is important that we support the true meaning of Christmas and the Santa Cause. Kids ask us tough questions all the time, and this one, like many others, is onethat doesn’t come with a clear-cut answer. The simplest thing is to tell your children to have faith and to just believe. Children love magic, so if you just explain that Santa is magical, that should hopefully help them understand the underlying spirit of Christmas.

Just in time for holiday gift giving and in the spirit of giving Disney Movie Rewards is offering $10 off The Search of Santa Paws Blu-Ray & DVD Combo Pack.

Thank you to The Search for Santa Paws for making an appearance during my Holiday Gift Guide. This is the perfect holiday gift for the entire family, not just kids!

Disclaimer: I was sent a sample for my review. Opinions expressed are mine, your may differ.

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