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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

L.E. Green Bags ~ Brass Knuckles & Fixed Gear Bags

L.E. Green Bags was started simply because we were tired of being embarrassed by billboard-type advertisements on reusable bags and overly feminine-looking reusable bags, which have flooded the marketplace. Guys carry reusable bags, and so do fashion-forward women.

I found this short film on L.E. Green Bags facebook site, and thought it was well done and worth watching.

Sitting in the parking lot at the grocery store it is amazing to watch people walk out with their re-usable shopping bags. I can not believe how well people have embraced the change, and are doing their part to reduce (and, hopefully eliminate) plastic bags.

L. E. Green Bags realized that men do just as much shopping as women do, but, there wasn't any alternative when it came to reusable bags. So many of the bags on the market are either too feminine, or if you go with the store's bags they are so dull, and lacking personality.

Currently, L.E. Green Bags (Limited Edition) has two designs, with more to come shortly. Their bags are made from 100% recyclable material, they even encourage users to place bags that have lived out their life cycle, in your recycling bin. We have found the bags to be well made and quite strong. (I don't anticipate putting these bags in the recycling bin any time soon.) And, they can hold a pretty decent sized load - in this bag we had meat and cans on the bottom of the bag, and then loaves of bread on top.

L.E. Green Bags are a great for those who want to carry reusable bags, but want a cool alternative. They are priced at only $3.75 (US) each, but get them before they are gone forever! As the name suggests L.E. - limited edition means there is limited quantities of this design and when they are all sold out, they are gone forever.

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and, visit L.E. Green Bags to purchase and find more information!

Discount Code: Use COUNTRYMOUSE to receive a 10% discount on your purchase at L.E. Green Bags!

Thank you to L.E. Green Bags for this review opportunity! We think your bags are pretty great.

Disclaimer: I was sent samples for my review. Opinions expressed are mine, yours may differ.


Miguel said...

Ive also seen the video from facebook..its very informative.all of us should be aware and must take care of our environment..it's for everyone's good =) Go green bags !

blueviolet said...

I like those nice long handles on them!