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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Goodbye Detergent! ~ Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products

Goodbye Detergent!

...is a brand new line of environmentally friendly scrubs for your home, made with unique materials such as recycled corn cobs, peach pits, and walnut shells. These reusable scrubs have natural abrasives that make it easier to clean without detergents. All the scrubs and cleaning pads are made with natural abrasives and they come in 100% recycled packaging.

I received an Original Course Spaghetti Scrub from Goodbye Detergent! It has replaced my old scrubbies and pads that have the tendency to trap food particles and become rather smelly. The Spaghetti Scrub is able to get the job done and clean pots and pans without the use of detergents. Just good old water, scrubbing, and the Spaghetti Scrub and the job is done. I love that these are a clean alternative to those old scubbies which can grow bacteria. After I am done with the Spaghetti Scrub, it drys quickly while hanging over my tap. The Spaghetti Scrub is made from corn cobs.

I think the Spaghetti Scrub is the way to go, it does a good job of cleaning up your mess and it is good for the environment.

Goodbye Detergent! has a whole line of environmentally friendly scrubs and pads all made with natural products. I particularly like the starter kits, which sets you up with a good selection to get going and change the way you think about cleaning.

Goodbye Detergent! can be purchased online, or find a retail location near you. I was pretty excited to see that I can even buy local.

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Thank you to Goodbye Detergent! for sending a scrub sample and letting me experience first hand what the spaghetti scrub can do.

Disclaimer: I was sent a sample for my review. Opinions expressed are mine, yours may differ.

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