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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Good Clean Fun compliments of Smith & Vandiver

Funny how some kids love bath time, others not so much. My son can't be bothered to slow down long enough to have a bath, on the other hand my four year old looks forward to bath time all day long. Though, times are a changing a little bit here in our home...ever since Good Clean Fun came to town. Arguing over who goes first isn't new, but now my kids are fighting over who gets in first instead of last.

My kids, they went crazy for Bath Fizzies and Dino-Bubbles from Smith & Vandiver!

Smith & Vandiver was founded in 1979, since then the company has been crafting wholesome, cruelty-free products for children and adults that feel luxurious while being safe for everyone and respecting Mother Nature.

Smith & Vandiver promises to be paraben and sulfate free, synthetic fragrance free, no harsh or harmful chemical ingredients, no animal testing, use recycled and recyclable packaging and manufacture sustainably.

The company implements the best sustainable and environmental practices throughout all aspects of the business, while making the cleanest natural and organic bath, bod, skincare, and children's products made in North America.

Good Clean Fun

My kids had a blast trying out the samples that Smith & Vandiver sent. And by kids I mean all of them...ages 12, 7, and 4. Each of them enjoyed their bath just a little bit (or, quite a bit) more .

We received samples of Bath Fizzies from Smith & Vandiver.

Bath Fizzies are magic in the bath water. They fizz and bob around the tub, all the while filling the tub with colour and wonderful scents. This is a non-sudsing product that is so fun for children, little do they know that bath fizzies is making their skin soft and supple and when they wrapped up afterwards they came out smelling delicious. The smell is something I couldn't get enough of.

But, here is the best part for the kids, when the bath fizzie is completely dissolved there is a surprise inside. Inside the Dino Fizz there is a little dinosaur and inside the Bath Party Fizz we found a sweet little duckie.

We also tried out Dino-Bubbles.

Dino-Bubbles is the first NPA Certified bubble bath especially for children. It comes in a squishy pouch, which is 82% less plastic going into landfill and a formula that is bio-degradable, this is one bubble bath that makes a mom proud to use.

Dino-Bubbles foams up wonderfully, giving my kids a fun bubble bath, which I can feel good about. It has a great fragrance and again the kids came out squeaky clean.
Good Clean Fun products quickly became a favourite in our home. And, these are going to find their way into some Christmas stockings this coming December. A great value is buying the bath fizzies in their value packs. Bath fizzies are priced individually or in the value pack you can get 12 for $16.99! (they would be $21.48 if you bought 12 separately.)

Browsing through Smith & Vandiver I found some great looking products for me as well. From a whole line of foot care, to some pampering body washes...there is so much I would love to try from this fabulous company!

Look to purchase Smith & Vandiver products at a retailer near you, or buy online.

Disclaimer: I was sent samples for my review. Opinions expressed are mine, yours may differ.


Ian and Carolyn said...

What child wouldn't want to have a bath when you offer fun products like that!


blueviolet said...

Those would be a hoot!!!! I can see why the kids loved them!

每当遇见你 said...
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