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Saturday, September 18, 2010

The challenge of finding age appropriate costumes

Last night I had two twelve year old girls sit on my living room couch and browse the Halloween costumes at Pure Costumes. They had a great time giggling and picking out some of their favourite costumes.

Emily and her best friend are planning to do matching costumes this year. Which, I think is completely fun. My only issue is both of these girls look several years older than twelve, and neither of them fit into childrens costumes anymore, nor would they want to. So, my quest will be to find some age appropriate costumes that make mom happy, but, at the same time make twelve year old girls happy as well.

I remember always wanting to dress up in a cheerleader costume, so I thought this might be a good compromise. Looking at Pure Costumes we found some great choices. The girls liked the USA Patriotic Cheerleader. I think it is adorable and not too risque. And, even though we are Canadian and not American, I think to the girls the costume saying USA, makes it even cooler.

But, then I found the Pep Squad Cheerleader costume. It comes with a
self-lettering kit, so the girls could give themselves whatever logo they wish. They could choose a sports team, or their school, or give themselves nicknames. The Pep Squad Cheerleader is super cute and I think it is also age appropriate. The costume even comes with pom poms. But, the best part - when buying from Pure Costumes this costume only costs $15.95!

Don't forget to use coupon code SEPT30 to receive free shipping when you spend $60 in the month of September. (US only)

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hippo chick said...

Of course, I vote for the USA.

~hippo hugs~